Why Does Western Union Ask For Your Address?

Western Union said in a statement that because it is one of the companies that must follow federal government regulations, it will not be able to send that money unless it has both senders’ and receivers’ addresses. It will not let you send it without them.

Does Western Union require address?

For this service, your receiver will need to provide more than just a full mailing address. In fact, the sender’s full mailing address won’t be required.

Why does Western Union need additional information?

Western Union can help safeguard your funds from being used for unlawful activities by following the legislation when we know where money is being sent from where.

Can you get scammed through Western Union?

Scammers are making fake websites to trick victims into paying for fake services or products. They request victim to pay using money order, pre-loaded money card, or money transfer.

Can you get money back from Western Union if scammed?

If you’ve sent money to Western Union and it hasn’t been collected, you can call us at the number on this page and we’ll get you a full refund, including the transaction fee.

Can I use a fake name on Western Union?

If you are sending cash by Western Union, you don’t want to write a name other than yours. You must give the receiver all the necessary information to confirm the transfer. They will need your western union number, and the place where you sent it from.

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