Why Is A Good Book Cover Mockup Important?

Why Is A Good Book Cover Mockup Important

It is important to create those stunning mockups that look like real cover arts. They save time, resources and they are reliable. You can start enjoying the features of mockup designs once you start practicing and creating your mockups. since a good book must communicate your intentions to your readers, a mockup design is a great way to pass on your message to your readers. The following are some of the most important reasons you should have good book cover mockups.

They Communicate Your Intentions

There are reasons why you should let your potential readers know your intentions. Realistic Mockups are easily noticeable especially by those who appreciate value. The more realistic your mockups get, the more valuable or widely acceptable your books are, and this will eventually bring more readership and higher sales.

First, your potential readers wouldn’t just click on your book and start reading it when they don’t see your mockup cover to entice them. Your mockups cover images are the first point of contact with potential readers, they determine within micro-seconds to click on your book after viewing your design cover. You are not only communicating your intentions with potential readers; you will also find out the best mockup designs for your genre of books.

Mockups Bring Out Your Fantasies

Mockups come in diverse photoshop options or formats, hence hey can be more entertaining than book covers because you can express your fantasies and communicate better your book as thumbnails on publishing platforms There is a way fantasy mockups connect with potential readers, they will unleash your creativity and people tend to appreciate creativity more than anything else in publishers.  If you want to bring out your creativity, you should begin using mockup designs before the book cover art designer. You can easily transfer your mockup skills to your book cover design techniques

There Are Lots Of Mockup Templates To Choose From

One of the main importance of Book mockups is that you don’t have to be a professional book cover designed to get your mockups up there. There are lots of free mockup templates as well as premium, paid mockup templates. These templates contain resources, including PSD files, graphics, and pre-designed images that you can use in creating entirely new mockups. Many of these resources are free to download and are also free for commercial use. here are lots of categories for mockup creation resources you can browse through and it may take a while to make up your mind in some cases.

They Are Simple To Execute

When using mockup templates, you should learn how to convert from one file to another, for instance, you can convert from vector files to raster files. You can simply do this by accessing the illustrator, then click on File, select Export, and Chose your format.

While it is easier to convert from one file like vector to another file such as raster, it can be difficult to convert files the other way round. There are resources and tutorials where you can learn to convert illustrations to final mockup files. You can simply follow the prompts on each page of the process from beginning to end. The more you get used to the mockup creator, the more you become a master in creating the perfect designs for your published books. You will find out that the best mockup results are usually obtained when you practice with many options of features, color, background, and other components but you must not overuse these features, as they can make the outcome.

Mockups Are Available In Different Sizes

From the 5 x 8 to 6 x 9, and 5.5 x 8.5, you can find your mockup in different sizes by default or by manually choosing your ideal options. You can click on each mockup template before downloading and working on the final mockup. Some book mockup service providers online offer free tutorials where you can learn the art of creating different mockups for different genres of books. In most cases, you will have to play around with the different sizes before you arrive at the most appropriate one- this can also help you discover how creative you are. You should find it difficult to select the right sizes, perhaps figuring out the screen resolution most appropriate for your design will take longer than completing the mockup design itself.

Service Providers Offer Email Support

Depending on the type of mockup design service provider you opt for, you can get access to customer service support which includes email and live chat supports. This can make it easier to request for technical and non-technical issues and you will get assistance sometimes immediately or after several hours or days depending on the complexity of the issue. It makes some sense if you avoid service providers who don offer some form of customer support. Newbies as a matter of fact will require some customer support when they begin to use mockup services. There are times when certain features or components of mockup creators fail to load and that could be a very difficult issue to resolve without customer service assistance.


You should learn to curate your mockups especially after you finalize your designs. The entire goal of a mockup is to ensure that your book design looks better, hence you should not go overboard with too many examples or with cluttered backgrounds, or overarching your style. When you go overboard, you will end up with poor results, you should try and become a minimalist when you start with mockup designs and gradually, work your way up to create complex, yet professional mockups ha will suit your genre of contents. For most online mockup design service providers, you need to sign up and create a free account before you start using the service. Be wary of sites that wouldn’t allow you free access for a while before you upgrade to premium or paid service. Mockup designs are fun and creative ways of unleashing your artistic expertise.

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