10 Useful and Fun Weed Apps for Android and iOS

The modern digital market is mobile-first, meaning that users increasingly flock to mobile apps and access various services and brands via their smartphones. With the slow but steady path of weed legalization, weed businesses have also received a unique chance to reach out to their clients via mobile apps and a solid mobile-friendly online presence. According to askgrowers.com, the number of useful weed apps is growing today, giving users a realm of opportunities for convenient weed ordering, education on weed-related topics, and cultivation advice. Here we talk about the top X apps that have already won the hearts of dedicated stoners and are highly recommended among the weed user community.
PotBot - App Store

#1 PotBot

Chatbots are immensely popular in the modern mobile app market, so you’re sure to know how they work. This bot is available on iOS and Android, and the best thing about it is that it’s free of charge. Users can install the bot and use it as a medical marijuana search engine. The bot was produced by Potbotics Inc., a data aggregator IT firm based in NYC. However, the bot doesn’t only guide you to the local dispensary. It’s a more nuanced algorithm that helps you find the best medical marijuana product suited to your medical needs and requirements. It utilizes the benefits of innovative AI technology to offer custom-tailored advice on cannabis products, marijuana clinics, and recommended dispensaries.
Weedmaps App: Marijuana Delivery & Weed Finder App

#2 Weedmaps

Another free app available for iOS and Android devices is Weedmaps, a well-known “Yelp for stoners.” The app doesn’t feature any in-app products and enjoys a high user rating – 4.8 stars among Android users and 4.9 stars among iPhone owners. The number of app downloads has recently crossed the 500-million threshold, showing how popular this software is among Americans. As its name suggests, the Weedmaps app contains all geographical information about local dispensaries and weed businesses, together with honest user reviews, ratings, and recommendations. Besides, the app is full of discounts, coupons, and special deal announcements that you can sort by location to enjoy the best deals for marijuana purchases.
High There: Weed & Friends App - Apps on Google Play

#3 High There

Have you been looking for the first-ever marijuana social hub? That’s High There – a social cannabis network allowing stoners to connect with like-minded people and engage in conversations. It’s an ideal way for weed fans to expand their social circle and find friends for a jolly stoner party or a weed holiday celebration. The app is free and works equally well on Android and iOS platforms. However, it has been enjoying pretty low user reviews, with 3.2 and 4.2 stars on Android and iOS, respectively.
Grow with Jane - Cannabis plants growing partner - Apps on Google Play

#6 Grow with Jane

This app will be an ideal assistant to everyone hosting a weed plantation indoors or outdoors. Users can keep their grow calendars and journals to monitor the progress and schedule the days of pruning, trimming, and plant feeding. The app is an end-to-end growth helper, ensuring that you will never miss out on any detail, from the moment you’ve planted the weed seed to the happy day of harvest collection. Besides, the app contains a social component, allowing users to take a sneak peek into other growers’ strategies and timing. Thus, you receive access to a vibrant community of newbies and mature weed growers to up your game in the weed cultivation art. The app runs on both iOS and Android.
Скачать Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon взлом (Мод много денег) v 1.9.4

#7 Bud Farm

Are you ready for a fascinating weed game on your mobile device? Here’s a great weed farm simulator to let you try growing your virtual weed plantation. The graphics and gameplay are very appealing, and the experience of growing one of 15 offered Indica or sativa strains in virtual reality is unrivaled. You can bake edibles and hire workers to your plantation – everything works pretty the same way as in real life. You’ll also enjoy tons of prizes, in-game awards, and events.
Snoopify - 4PDA

#8 Snoopify

With Snoop Dogg being one of the world’s most famous stoners, he couldn’t help launching his own branded app for weed lovers. The Snoop Lion’s Snoopify app is a great chance to add a bit of sizzle to your social media content and share a part of Snoop Dogg’s weed philosophy. The app runs on iOS and Android, comes completely free of charge, and enables adding funny accessories to your photos, e.g., the gold chains or smokey blunts.
simLeaf - The Best 3D "Medicinal Plant" Grow Simulator App

#9 SimLeaf

Just like Sim City, SimLeaf is a virtual world allowing stoners to set up and nurture their virtual plantations of weed. The game has impressive feature richness and attention to detail, giving you ultimate control of the growth microclimate (e.g., temperature, humidity, and soil pH). Thus, even if you don’t have the physical ability to grow weed at home, it can comfortably grow on your smartphone.
SuperGreenLab Grow Assistant

#10 Supergreen Lab

Another useful app for home weed growers, Supergreen Lab, can become your source of science-backed cultivation data and advice at every step of the process. Just like in “Grow with Jane,” you can set up a growth calendar, schedule all important events, and keep a detailed log of your plant’s development. Both Android and iOS users can take advantage of this all-in-one weed guide.

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