3 Proven Ways: How to Track iPhone’s location

Are you looking for the best iPhone tracker to track Someone’s iPhone location? If yes, don’t worry,  it is an easily doable task. Tracking Someone’s iPhone is not legal but helpful in many cases. It helps you to know the location of your partner and kid. As you know, the world is full of predators and scammers daily we hear about kidnapping cases. That’s why it’s Parents’ priority to track Their kid’s iPhone to make sure that they are safe.

In this article, we will tell you how to track someone’s iPhone location.

How to Track Someone’s iPhone Location: 3 best methods

In the last few years, technology made progress, and now there are a few possible ways to track iPhone location, such as tracking with iCloud, “Find my Friends” and third-party apps like KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

All three methods are tried and tested; here is the complete process mentioned below for how to track someone’s location with phone number.

Method 1. Locate iPhone with iPhone tracker

The best way to track iPhone location is to use iPhone tracking apps. The iPhone doesn’t have an inbuilt tracking system, but monitoring apps like KidsGuard pro have a special feature to track the iPhone’s real-time location and all-day or weekly location history. KidsGuard Pro for iOS is an easy-to-use product that helps to track. The KidsGuard Pro for iOS includes fantastic features that other monitoring software doesn’t offer. In addition, this tool assists you in controlling the iPhone’s other activities like calling, messaging, and all social platforms activities, etc.

1.1 How to choose the best iPhone tracker

As you know, the internet is full of iPhone tracing applications, but if you are thinking of downloading one perfect tracking application on your device, you have to think about various things.

First, you must install a tracking application that is easy to use for everyone. Additionally, if the purpose is to track Someone’s location without permission, you must download an undetectable application.

Additionally, the tracking app should include advanced features like geo-fencing, location alerts, location history, etc. So what tracking tool can do all these things easily? Actually, there is one trusted tracking tool available online for tracking iPhones named KidsGuard Pro for iOS that can advance this kind of tracking secretly.

The best reason to choose KidsGuard Pro for iOS is that it runs in a hidden and secret way.

1.2 How does the cell phone tracker work?

KidsGuard Pro for iOS lives up to the promise of being a loveable and effective application. This tracking and monitoring application works smoothly to track iPhone locations. A beginner without experience using such a tracking application can easily use KidsGuard Pro for iOS. When people install this application on PC, scans targeted device data and provides them with complete details like which places the targeted device visited, with complete address, time, and date.

It also tells the longitude and latitude of the location. In this way, you can track your iPhone location easily.

The geofencing feature allows you to add a location on the map that you don’t want the targeted device to visit, but if the target device visits that place, you will receive a notification at that time; when he leaves that place, KidsGuard for iOS sends you a notification.

1.3 Steps

● First of all Sign up for KidsGuard Pro for an account with a valid email address, and purchase a subscription According to your budget.

● After purchasing the subscription, you can find the plan on “My Product”. Click on “KidsGuard Pro for iOS”, download it on the targeted person’s computer, and install it.

● The next step is to scan the iPhone of the targeted person, but here you have two choices, scan with iPhone data over Wi-Fi or scan iPhone without Wi-Fi with the help of USB.

● After scanning devices, you can easily track iPhone location and other activity, so go to the KidsGuard pro dashboard and tap on the location option; here, you can see the complete details.

Method 2. track the location by accessing iCloud (without touching the target phone)

iPhone users can track anyone’s iPhone by using iCloud. Though it is not possible to see a complete picture of their online activity, With iCloud, you can locate any device on a map. This method works great on iOS devices.

2.1 Requirements

Tracking iPhone location needs special requirements. You have access to the iCloud account and password of the targeted device. If you don’t have a password for the targeted device, you will not be able to track iPhone locations with includes. But how to access iCloud? actually, you have to steal the iCloud account password of the targeted device.

2.2 Steps here are some easy steps for you to reach your iPhone location

● Pick your iOS device, go to iCloud.

● Log in to the iCloud account of the targeted device by putting the targeted person’s iCloud details.

● See the iPhone’s location on the map, in this way you can know about the location of the targeted device.

Method 3. Using “Find my Friends”

how to find someone’s location easily? You can locate anyone’s device by using “Find my Friends”. Apple has launched a feature of “find my friend. “With this feature, you can check the location of anyone you want. For this, you have to enable the location-sharing option. Now you can check the location on the iPhone of your friends and family. This feature is only available on iOS devices. You can easily locate your friend’s or family’s mobile using the find my friend app.

2.1 Requirements

For using the “Find my Friends” tracking” option, you have both iOS devices, and this option will work for friends and family.

2.2 steps

You can find anyone’s location by using “Find my Friends”. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps

● You will have to enable the service first to use the “Find my Friends” feature. Install this app on your friend’s device.

● Go to your profile and enable the location-sharing features.

● Click on add my friend option. Search for the name of the person you want to add.

● Choose contacts. Do their requests to add you.

● If you want to complete the process, take the targeted device and accept it.

● Enable location sharing on the targeted device

● It also enables you to access notifications on your kid’s phone.

● After completing this setup, you can track the location on your iPhone through this app. it will show you the location of people added. You will have to just click on contact, and it will show you the exact location of that contact.


Numerous applications help in tracking iPhone locations, but KidsGuard Pro is a wonderful application that helps to find someone’s location on an iPhone and provides a detailed tracking history in a short time. That’s why it’s better to install the KidsGuard Pro application rather than wasting time on other applications.

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