Are Deleted Tweets Really Deleted?

A Twitter user, who has deleted some of the tweets and deleted the account, uploaded a photo for the first time in years, which is not suitable for work.

Are deleted tweets really deleted?

Twitter doesn’t provide an archive to people who have the account blocked. However, once I uploaded a photo that is not suitable for work, Twitter deleted it and deleted it from my files. Thank you!

How long does a deleted tweet last?

While Twitter does not have a control over other websites and apps that copy your content, all of your past tweets will be deleted from the site and apps 30 days after you choose to deactivate your account.

Why can I still see deleted tweets?

If you wish to delete a tweet, then it is advisable to wait for quite a few days.

Should you delete your tweets?

When you’re looking to move on from a past relationship and start new connections, don’t let old tweets keep you from connecting. If you do regret the relationship and want onlookers reminded of it, then keep the tweets as they are.

Can people tell when you delete tweets?

Some companies, including Twitter, have added a feature called “safety nets” to their apps. Safety nets are a way to make sure people do not tweet private information that may get them in trouble.

What happens when you delete a tweet?

Deleting a Tweet is a simple process. You simply have to click on it and click on the red “Delete” button. You can also delete your Tweet by visiting your profile and clicking on the “delete” button.

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