Top 12 Best Desk For Dual Monitors: The Top Picks For 2021

Top 12 Best Desk For Dual Monitors

Dual monitors are the perfect choice for multi-tasking. But choosing a table made for this purpose can be a bit challenging. Most of the desks out there in the market are not created to hold many monitors at the same time. This is even more so as the trend tilts more towards small and simple designs. The best-sellers are often those who can accommodate one laptop and a few accessories. But this shouldn’t scare you as there is an ever-growing market for dual monitor-desks. You do not need to get scared of the price as well. Here is our pick for the best desk for dual monitors.

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Best Desk For Dual Monitors Reviewed

1. Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Converter/Riser

Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Converter/Riser

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This desk converter comes with an X-shaped design that uses rails for carrying out smooth gliding. This giving you room to make the needed height adjustments across a 4.2″ to 19.7″ range.

The 32″ desktop of the riser can accommodate a dual-monitor setup and tablet with the second tier having enough room for a mouse and keyboard. The bottom part of the desktop surface also has hooks and tabs which ensures that the wires and cables get organized.

Aside from a simple keyboard tray install, the Seville classics can get deployed for use the moment it gets unboxed. Also, the desk converter can come in three distinct color options; brown-nut, black and white. It comes with a three-year warranty which protects it against construction defects and thus makes it a product that you can trust to give the best for many years to come.


  • X-shaped design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Adjustable height range of 4.2” to 19.7”
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in three colors
  • Can get assembled with ease
  • Comes with a USB charging port
  • Has a slot for smartphone and tablet
  • Mouse tray and keyboard
  • Has an electric motor that can lift to 33 lbs
  • Made from quality material
  • Excellent height adjustment
  • No place to keep your feet
  • The wheels can get improved

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2. FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter Sit Stand Desk Riser Stand up Desk

FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter Sit Stand Desk Riser Stand up Desk

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The FEZIBO standing Desk converter sit-stand desk is one product that stands out from the crowd with ease. When collapsed, this desk ensures that your mouse and keyboard are half an inch away from the desk. This ensures that it is easy to pull up your chair and get some good leg time.

Also, it has a two-tier design for your workstation which ensures that you enjoy an upper display surface for your monitor as well as a lower spacious deck for your mouse and keyboard. Also, it is easy to operate like the small handles ensure that you can make adjustments to the workstation using a light squeeze of the handles. With the hidden design, you can stand the desk with ease.

The brand prides its design on customer feedback with rowing lift and posture curves added to have less impact on your back. It has an excellent structure and smooth transition using the pneumatic cylinder and steel structure which both ensures you enjoy a smooth experience. The frame comes in a black finish which ensures that there is a blend with your environment while maintaining a low profile.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick transition (height can get adjusted from 5.3" to 20.4"
  • The top surface measures 36.2" by 15.7"
  • Sturdy structure
  • Very affordable
  • Combines health and office for the best experience
  • Spacious work area
  • Very strong
  • Warranty supported
  • The wheels could be better

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3. FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk 32”

FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk 32”

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For those who work from home on a full-time basis and desire to be able to switch between standing and sitting positions in seconds, this is the best deal! This desk uses a dual spring force which helps you to choose your desired work setting with ease.

Regardless of what your electronics needs, the Fituyes adjustable desk will be able to carry it except it weighs beyond 33 pounds. Also, you will be able to adjust the height of the sit-stand desk converter from 4.33 to 19.8 inches which should give you enough flexibility to give you comfort while working.

On the base of the legs and the surface, you will find non-slip pads that help prevent damages to the surfaces of the desk riser. With the X-shape design of the desk, you will be able to make easy vertical adjustments across a range of 2.2″ to 16.1”. These adjustments get made by holding the lever of the unit and by lowering or lifting as needed.

One thing you may not like about the setup is that the monitor-stand does not lie flat completely when it is in a down position.


  • Weight: 30.7 pounds
  • Dimension: 36 X24.2 X 19.8 inches
  • Lifting range: from 4.3 to 19.8 inches
  • Can hold up to 33 pounds
  • Fully assembled
  • Modern and sturdy construction
  • Non-slip scratchpad
  • X-shaped design
  • Able to hold up to 33 pounds
  • Modern and sturdy construct
  • Fully assembled
  • Easy and smooth height adjustments
  • The monitor-stand doesn’t lie flat completely in the down position

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4. FITUEYES 3 Shelf Monitor-Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle

FITUEYES 3 Shelf Monitor-Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle

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The Fitueyes 3 shelf adjustable length and angle monitor stand riser gets made using three shelves which are all connected. With the unique design, you will be able to position two or three monitors close to each other and thus enjoy a wider viewing platform. At its maximum width, the stand measures about 42.7 inches and can be smaller at 36 inches. The outer two shelves can get modified to form an arch layout if you do not want to have them in a straight line.

Each one of the shelf units can support up to 33lbs and gives space below 4 inches for storage. The monitor height will get raised to four inches and this can’t get modified. Even though Fitueyes states that it can hold three monitors, it works better with just two monitors.

The desk has a sleek design and you can raise three monitors for stocking, working, and gaming all at the same time. Also, you can adjust its angle and length based on your needs while placing the books, mouse, or glasses under the shelves. It got made using very durable wood construction with a smooth safety finish.

The weight capacity of this desk is 33lbs with the shelves being very stable.


  • Can support up to three small monitors
  • Solid wood construct
  • Adjustable angle and length
  • MDF construct
  • Maximum weight per shelf: 33lbs
  • Maximum-length 42.7 X 9.25 X 4 inches
  • Easy assembly guidelines
  • Multiple-monitor stands
  • Swivel feature
  • Not ideal for smaller desks

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5. Viozon-Monitor and Laptop Mount, 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Arm Desk

Viozon-Monitor and Laptop Mount, 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Arm Desk

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Viozon is one of the foremost manufacturers of tech stands out there for smartphones, laptops, and tablets as well. The brand has a good reputation on Amazon for its excellent quality mounts.

With the Viozon-monitor and laptop mount, you will be able to load a monitor with sizes that range from 17 inches to 32 inches on the mount. The mount has a 19lbs weight limit on the monitor stand which is wonderful because most modern-day monitors can’t carry more than 15lbs. Also, it will support monitors from manufacturers.

It has a laptop arm with is an extra tray on the mount which fits laptops of sizes ranging from 12 inches to 17 inches. This stand has three latches one of which is at the base and the rest two are at both sides.

Note that the hatches on the side can get extended thus ensuring that the arm has a good grip on the laptop. Also, your laptop will not stand on the top of the metal slap as it instead uses rubber pads located on the base in addition to the hatches which makes sure that there is no chance of the hardware slipping off.

Regarding aesthetics, the stand stands out in that regard. It doesn’t have a dull metallic exterior. It instead has a silver finish on the aluminum build which gives it a certain flair and makes your setup look more elegant.

What’s more? Viozon has made provision for cable management with stands. With this, you have free will to connect your cables to the base of the arms.


  • Fits screen size: 17” to 32”
  • Weight capacity: 19.8lbs
  • Height adjusts: 7.5-16.5 inches
  • Fits laptop tray : 12” to 17”
  • Laptop tray height adjust: 0-16.5 inches
  • Comes with a durable aluminum build
  • Has an attractive silver finish
  • Dual mounting option
  • Three hatches for added security on the laptop
  • Rubber pads on the hatches and the base for increased friction under the laptop
  • Hard to make adjustments
  • The stand may tilt

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6. SIMBR Standing Desk Converter Computer Desk

SIMBR Standing Desk Converter Computer Desk

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If you are searching for a strong stand-up desk converter that does not need long hours before it gets assembled, the Simbr standing computer desk is the best deal. You can begin using this desk as soon as you remove it from the box!

Even though the desk surface of the riser is 32″ wide, it does have enough room for a dual-monitor setup especially if it has smaller displays from 19″ to 23″. Also, its rack adjusts from 2.4″ to 16.1″ thus giving you a waist-high experience even for people who are taller than 6″. It does not have a keyboard tray which can be a negative trait for some but it makes the unit more portable. This unit is the best deal for small spaces such as a studio or an apartment.

The frame got made using durable steel while the surface gets made using double laminate particleboard. Whether you are using a dual or single laptop setup, with the 30.2″ X 17.8″ desktop space, you will be able to fit in all you need to get the work completely done.

The desktop has a load-bearing capacity of 28 pounds while the keyboard tray can hold up to 5 pounds. Also, the base of the keyboard tray has a shockproof strip which helps protect your gadgets from scratches. Even though this sit-stand desk converter is a good choice, you may experience difficulties pulling it up.


  • Comes with a spacious workstation
  • Space-saving
  • Detachable keyboard tray
  • Holds up to 28 pounds
  • Ergonomic curve design
  • Lifting range: 4.9 to 16.9 inches
  • Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 7.5 inches
  • Needs minimal assembly
  • Stable frames
  • Has a sturdy rectangular base
  • Light-weight
  • Supports up to 20lbs
  • Quite tough to pull up

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7. Adjustable Wood Dual-Monitor Stand Riser

Adjustable Wood Dual-Monitor Stand Riser

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Homura is a brand with a reputation for producing the best quality monitor stands. The brand gives you the best stands for your monitors. This brand gets made using quality wood material which is perfect for dual monitor stands and offers a beautiful ergonomic appeal. It comes made in a black color which makes it blend with the decoration in your place of work or home.

The desk has a stand that is durable and sturdy and can support as much as 33 pounds. Also, it has an adjustable stand that works for places with little space. It has a minimalist design which gives enough space beneath it where you will be able to store other computer and office accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, stapler, laptop, books, notepads, pen, and the likes. This ensures that the desk is free from clutter.

The Homury adjustable dual monitor stand can get used for dual monitors and speakers. It can also get used for a laptop and speaker, office supplies and laptop, monitor, laptop, and extra decorations. You may also opt to use the stand for decoration without a need to put anything.


  • Dimension: 35.7 x 9.3 x 4.6 inches
  • Load bearing capacity: 33 pounds
  • Material: high-quality wood load
  • Adjustable length
  • Ergonomic height
  • Adjustable for 3 monitors
  • Solid structure
  • Multiple functions
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Enough storage space under
  • Comes with one client faced assembling issue

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8. ABOX Electric Powered Lifting Standing Desk Converter

ABOX Electric Powered Lifting Standing Desk Converter

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This Abox electric desk is a product designed for those who spend a lot of time behind your computer screen. You can adjust this desk using a push-button while it shifts back to position. What this means is that you don’t need manual adjustments. Also, as it is with other models, it comes with an ergonomic design and has several height settings. Also, it comes with a curved removable keyboard as well as a charging port for a tablet, phone, or laptop.

Also, it has a sit and standup setting which allows you to stretch your legs.


  • Dimensions: 33.5” x 20”
  • Keyboard weight capacity: 4.4lbs
  • Height-adjustment: 5.9" to 19.6"
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity: 44lbs
  • A sturdy, reliable, and durable unit that comes at a good price
  • Comes with unique features such as an anti-slip base, charging port, and powered height adjustments
  • Ergonomic design
  • If you are the type that prefers a manual lift converter without an automated unit, this is not the one for you

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9. WALI Premium Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

WALI Premium Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

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The WALI Premium Dual LCD Monitor Desk mount comes with an optional bracket mount to give it added stability and VESA mounts for standard measurements.

The stand uses a free-standing design which is common with single-monitor stands thus making it more useful for different surfaces. Despite the design, the stand is still stable, but the stability relies on the steadiness of the surface it rests on. The mount comes with a detachable VESA plate and gets made using high-quality aluminum and steel. It can support up to 22lbs of weight on either arm.


  • Grommet or Clamp-style mounting options
  • Can accommodate two screens of 32 inches and 17.6 pounds each
  • Has 360-degree rotation
  • Has integrated cable management system
  • Ideal for corner desks
  • Very sturdy
  • Detachable VESA plates
  • Easy to install
  • Can get used in landscape or portrait orientation
  • N/A

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10. Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount, 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Monitor Arm Desk Stand

Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount, 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Monitor Arm Desk Stand

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The Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount is a 2-in-1 adjustable dual monitor arm desk stand with a difference. This mount uses both the adjustable monitor arm along with a laptop tray which frees up enough space on your desk thus keeping your screens at eye level.

Both the arm and tray can get adjusted which means you can modify the arrangement of both in the manner that works best for you. Note that the laptop tray comes with a 45-degree tilt as well as a monitor arm with a tilt of 145 degrees in addition to a 360-degree range of swivel motion. This device gets made using heavy-duty aluminum and as such, it can carry a 32 inches monitor weighing 19.8 pounds.


  • Universal fit
  • Steady arm
  • Applicable to 17-32 inches monitor
  • Load bearing capacity: 19.8lbs
  • Simple and appealing
  • Helps organize the workspace
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with both monitor arm and laptop stand
  • Keeps the workplace organized
  • Installation is a bit difficult

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11. Wood Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Wood Dual Monitor Stand Riser

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Homury has a reputation for making quality wood products and this dual monitor stand is one of such. This is a good platform upon which your monitors can stand on. It got made using quality wood material which gives it the graceful ergonomic boost required. It comes in black color which blends with your home or office décor.

The stand is durable and sturdy and can support a weight of up to 33 pounds. It has an adjustable stand which works well for desks that have little space. Also, it comes with a minimalistic design which gives it enough space below. The minimalistic design means you can store things such as a keyboard, mouse, laptop, pen, books, and other things that may clutter your desk.


  • Wood dual monitor stand
  • Made using high-quality wood
  • Load bearing capacity: 33 pounds
  • Ergonomic height
  • Dimension: 35.7” x 9.3” x 4.6”
  • Adjustable for three monitors
  • Sturdy structure
  • Multiple uses
  • Enough room underneath
  • Solid build
  • Only one client faced an assembly issue

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12. FITUEYES Computer Monitor Riser Desktop Laptop Stand

FITUEYES Computer Monitor Riser Desktop Laptop Stand

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This wonderful desk makes our list because of its unique design which helps it to hold different types of devices while allowing simple storage. This table gives sufficient room to accommodate your screens, printer, fax machine, and other stuff.

It comes in a unique design that ensures that your devices are properly protected during and after the job. It has a screen riser that can get used to raising the position of the monitor to eye level. This desk has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 33lbs and is length adjustable from 31.1 inches to 43.8 inches. With a dimension of 11×4.2 x 43.8, there is enough space to accommodate your personal effects on the desk!


  • Double-space design
  • Large carriage capacity
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Length adjustable: from 31.1 inches to 43.8 inch
  • The maximum load capacity of 33 LBS
  • Modern design
  • Angle adjustable
  • Dimension 11x 4.2 x 43.8
  • Very durable
  • Good balance
  • Made using high-quality materials
  • Slight difficulty with setting it up

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Tips For Choosing The Best Desk For Dual Monitors

Before you hit the market to buy one of the best desks for dual monitors out there, you need to consider a few things. Here is a quick guide that should help you differentiate between the good and the bad as regards dual monitor desks.


The reason why you need a desk for dual monitors is that you will need a desk big enough to accommodate them. You need a desk that can carry your monitor screens close to each other while they get tilted at a certain angle about an arm’s length from where you are. Note that majority of monitors are at least 20″ wide hence, you will need a desk measuring over 50″. You may also need space for taking notes and a third monitor as well.

Available space

You need to measure your home or office space with tape. This should guide you in knowing how much space you have. What’s the wisdom in getting the perfect desk if you don’t have the perfect space for it?

You also need to be sure that the space you have for your desk is one that is well suited and convenient.


The price is the first major factor considered by most people. Hence, you need to know how much is too much. Note that in your quest to get the best deal, cheap isn’t always the best. Before buying, check the features offered by each one and make your decision based on a comparative cost analysis.

Ease of assembly

One thing many people seldom consider in this regard is the ease of assemblage of the desk. Most people wait till the day the table arrives before they figure out how to get it all together. It suffices to say that a desk that is easier to assemble should be the ultimate choice.


This deals with the vertical pole length. Hence, it is vital because it dictates the position of the monitor concerning the eye. Ensure that the eye is in the same position as the monitor display in a manner that does not affect your back or neck.

Carrying capacity

Each table has a unique load-bearing capacity. For you to prevent overloading the table, ensure that the weight of your dual monitors does not exceed the highest load-bearing capacity of the desk.

The size of the monitor

This factor is only applicable when dealing with multiple-monitor setups. As a result of the spacing that exists between the arm brackets, it may appear impossible to go beyond a certain size. Note that screen size limitation may serve as an ideal means to go beyond the maximum load-bearing capacity. The bigger a screen is, the more the screen weighs.


There are different materials used in making desks such as steel or aluminum. The most important thing in this regard is for the material to be strong enough to carry the weight of the monitor. Also, go for a desk made with materials that make them look cool.

Cable management

You do not want to buy a table that has its wires hanging around your workspace. Hence, you need to get a desk with the right mechanisms for holding the wires in an organized manner.

Extra features

Certain desks get made for sitting while others get made for standing. Some desks have fixed height while others get made to be adjustable. You will find some with additional storage space, ensure you choose the one that meets your requirements.


One easy way to know if you are getting the right thing is to consider what people who have gotten it before have to say. A simple search of the item on the internet will show you reviews of verified buyers with each one ranking the product based on his or her experiences. You may also get reviews from friends and family members who may have purchased such a table before.

Warranty and discounts

Most of the decks come with a warranty, but you need to confirm it and also confirm how long the warranty will last. Also, you should be on the lookout for great deals and discounts for the product to save cost.

Can it program?

In case you opt for an electric desk, it will most likely come with memory settings which you may set the way you want. In case you share the desk with other people such as your family members or colleagues, having a preset height can save you the stress of looking for the right height level whenever you switch users.

Tips For Measuring The Dual Monitor Desks

Whether you are a software genius with a passion for video games or a graphics designer who wants to keep his clients updated on social media, you need to know what you need for the best performance. Space is a core criterion for delivering good quality work. More often than not, such professionals use more than one monitor, hence the need to have a set up that can accommodate such.

But note that whatever computer monitor desk you are getting should have a measurement that exceeds that of each monitor by at least twice the size. Also, the angle the monitors get placed plays a huge role in determining what to do.

Also, the things you intend to place on the desk or in its compartments should get factored in. a lot of people have their desks looking scattered and disorganized because there never seems to be enough space to accommodate their personal effects. Hence, get a desk that has enough extra space to take things such as books, mouse and the likes.

Measuring the dual-monitor standing desk requires having an eye for detail. You know your home or office space better. Hence, you know how much space you can give for your standing desk. You should tailor the measurements on that basis.

Benefits Of Having A Dual Monitor Setup

The need for increased efficiency and productivity has seen many designers turning to technology for ways that will help improve their workflow. One major way designers and those who want to improve productivity do so are to use multiple monitors. Using multiple monitors on a desk comes with a lot of benefits. Here is a breakdown of some outstanding benefits of using multiple desktop desks.

Increased productivity

The biggest benefit of using multiple monitors is the increase in productivity. Studies have shown that persons and organizations that use multiple screen setups experienced overall productivity. Aside from the increase in productivity, there is bound to be a drop in the error rate as well.

Ideal tool for designers

The majority of designers have some form of workflow which has to do with using multiple programs simultaneously. You are using illustrator and Photoshop at the same time, having multiple screens will help make the work easier. Whatever the case may be, it is not uncommon to find a designer using more than one program at the same time. Using multiple monitors means the designer does not have to be moving from one place to the other

Help keep you connected

Perhaps you want to remain accessible to your clients and other people, you will need to have a second screen. You may use the primary screen to do your main work, but you could use your second monitor for keeping your Twitter and email open at all times. Even though some people may argue that this practice cuts down productivity, using a second screen could help you focus more on your work with one screen while allowing you to stay in the loop with your other activities.

Combines well with laptops and gives room for flexibility

Several designers work from laptops and do not stay at one desk all through the day. Creating an additional monitor is very easy with the majority of laptops these days. With this, the designer can have a home office with two screens created while giving room for flexibility because it is easy to disconnect the second monitor while taking the laptop to the place you want to.

Data sharing gets simplified

Not only do many computer users work with multiple programs at the same time, but they also share data. For instance, when copying code from one application to the other or opening an image on Dreamweaver that got made using Photoshop. Such things can get simplified using multiple screens.

Ease of comparison

There are different aspects of the job of a designer that involves giving close attention to detail. Some such areas need comparison such as comparing the different aspects of a design and testing it on different browsers while also working from one image to the other.

In such situations, it is smarter to compare them side by side using dual monitor screens.

Beautifies your office space

One outstanding feature of such mounts is that they are appealing to the eyes. They have a way of improving the appearance and organization of your workspace. Some of them come with built-in unique designs and colors. Hence, they are ideal for people who desire to give their office space the much-needed facelift without spending too much.

They are cost-effective

For small business owners, this tool is the perfect one while growing their business. They are affordable and cost-effective! Because most of them do not take up much space, they can get used to small office environments. Also, the dual desks help reduce the cost that would have gotten incurred using two separate desks in the first place. They also last a long time because of their durable and sturdy build which means you do not have to worry about replacing them too soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should the height of my desk be?

If you are between 5ft and 6.5ft tall, ensure to get an office desk of a height between 712mm and 762mm. doing this will guarantee your comfort when using a regular task chair.

What are height adjustable desks?

With height-adjustable desks, you will be able to move the desktop in a way that will allow you to stand or sit with ease. This is perfect for those who want to avoid sitting on a desk for a long period or if you need to make adjustments to allow your chair type or height.

What is the ideal depth of the desk?

Usually, the depth of the desk is forgotten or is not seen as being important. But the depth of your desk is important when making sure you have enough space to be able to do some work while giving you enough room for your equipment. The ideal depth of the desk should be between 508m and 762mm with a minimum depth of 610mm.

How wide should the desk be?

The minimum width of your desk should be 610mm. if you have a width smaller than this, you will have difficulty using it for most things.

How can I get a good dual monitor desk?

The easiest way to do this is by checking online on any of the reputable eCommerce platforms. On such platforms, you will find verified reviews from previous buyers. This should guide you in the right direction.

Are monitor stands required by an employer?

Employers should provide a desk setup that is ergonomically ideal and causes no stress to the employees. In a situation where the current set up is causing back pains, the employer ought to get a stand. Such an employer may also choose a desk mount while others may go for a monitor arm.

What should be your distance from the monitor?

The ideal distance from the monitor should be between 20 and 40 inches. If you are working on smaller screens, 20 inches is the perfect distance.


We have compiled a review of the best desk for dual monitors out there in the market. Each item on this review was well researched and vetted with feedback gotten from verified buyers as well. Your choice of good desks for dual monitors will depend on the peculiarities of your needs. One certain thing is that you can never go wrong choosing one of the items contained in this list.

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