10 Best Underwater Camera Under $100: Explore The Ocean Frontier And Bring Memorable Images To Life

Best Underwater Camera Under $100

Lots of questions arise from the use of the best underwater camera under $100. What features do you need? What features are unnecessary and a waste of money? The wise use of questions helps you ascertain your needs and niche them specifically to your taste.

Underwater cameras allow you the opportunity to capture some of the ocean’s beauty. They need to be waterproof, well-protected, and give you the image of a variety of water life-forms. Above all, they need to be the best underwater camera under $100. Get to know why.

To make things much easier and for your benefit, we have carefully examined the 10 best underwater cameras under $100. Each of the items on this list offers something appealing and unique to its price value. Using that, the review aims to provide valuable help in selecting your next, future underwater camera.

So, if you have enough time on your hands, pls feel free to read the whole information present in this article. But if you have little time, I implore you to check our top 3 picks.

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Underwater Cameras: Top Ten Underwater Camera Under 100

We will review 10 of the best underwater camera under $100, but it is also important to let buyers understand that none of these cameras hold any professional quality. So, if you hope to get a professional camera with qualities like those featured in movies, you’d have to spend more money to get those.

But with the advent of new and improving technologies, these cameras outperform and bring out remarkably stunning features. The cheap underwater cameras that we’ll review here promises to make life memorable for you.

The beautiful feeling of exploring the water world and projecting the beautiful images of coral reefs, fishes, and different living creatures is a truly satisfying way to live. You’d be surprised by how capable these underwater cameras can be with their exceptional shooting functions.

The product review that follows will help you make the right choice, depending on several factors, among which affordability ranks first. So, sit back and relax, or sit tight and analyze the best underwater camera favorable for you.

1. AKASO EK7000 4K


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The AKASO EK7000 4K has been a top-selling camera for some time now. Its affordability and positive reviews in the market also makes it a desired choice for many photography geeks.


  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • 2 inches LCD
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (10m / 30ft range)
  • HDMI included
  • 170 Degree wide-angle lens
  • Waterproof case


When we talk about the best camera, the first thing we look at is video quality. Does it capture images with an extremely accurate clarity? Yes, it should. All the more the AKASO EK7000 is a must-have. It features a 4K video stunning that can capture memorable adventures in a precise, accurate way. Or what about the remote control?

With the remote control, there is ease for you when controlling the action camera, or when you switch between the video mode and photo mode. Not to say too much, included with the camera is the impressive remote control.

And for the seal of the day, this stunning underwater camera proves true to its name and reputation as the best waterproof camera under 100. By packing a waterproof case, it allows you to dive up to 100 feet or 30 meters. With that impressive feat, you could dive into the water, surf a beach, water-skiing, swimming, etc.

Underwater Camera Performance — No doubt that the AKASO EK7000 packs a punch of remarkable stuff in its features: from the wealth of clarity pictures you could take to connecting the action camera to your mobile devices.

  • Affordable price
  • 4K resolution
  • Excellent waterproof capabilities
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Low fps
  • Lacks exposure control

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2. Underwater Camera FHD 2.7K

Underwater Camera FHD 2.7K

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The underwater camera FHD is just what you need to thrive in the underwater world. Its boasts of features that make exploring the ocean frontier desirable and delightful.


  • Built-in Speaker
  • 3 FT ~ infinity focal distance
  • 16X digital zoom
  • LED lights
  • Microphone built-in
  • HD(1280X720P/30fps), FHD(1920X1080P/30fps)


This camera product, created by Yisence, is perfect for taking pictures, especially if you are a water person. A deep thought we’ve always had for centuries when diving into an ocean body of water is how do you capture the painstaking, beautiful creatures underwater.

But the thought of your camera going bad because of clogged water scares most of us. Well, with newer technologies comes the ability to extend our jurisdiction to, well, the ocean frontier. And what better way to do this than with images — captured from the Underwater FHD — of unseen bodily creatures.

The camera arms itself with a waterproof capability that helps it to go deep underwater for up to 10FT. And with its 16X digital zoom, be sure to capture objects from a distance with a clearer view.

Underwater Camera Performance — The underwater camera FHD is the camera every surfer and swimmer must put into thought. It can offer a variety of features that alleviate most of your worries when you are doing what you do best — explore the ocean world.

  • 16X digital zoom
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Compact and pocket design
  • Good camera performance
  • No SD card

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3. Underwater Camera Full HD 2.7K (Yellow)

Underwater Camera Full HD 2.7K (Yellow)

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The underwater camera FHD (yellow) shares a similar characteristic with its counterpart. Like its counterpart, it can also boast of exploring the ocean world with clarity that blows the mind of its users


  • Face detection
  • 16X digital zoom
  • Image stabilization
  • LED flash
  • 650mAh Li-ion battery
  • Built-in memory
  • Micro USB 2.0


This camera offers a wide range of features that makes it more appealing than its counterpart. It features a waterproof capability that makes it easy to dive into a 10 FT of water per hour. What’s more impressive is, it can do all of this without the need for a waterproof case attached to it.

And when it comes to video quality, it doesn’t slack. With the 2.7K video resolution option, except to be able to view and record ocean life with AVI format vividly.

The features don’t rest on video resolution but also elevates the reputation of the underwater camera FHD with an even more impressive image quality. No doubt, a 48MP resolution would impress you with a good quality performance.

This underwater camera also has the function of a dual-screen. This function, therefore, helps you switch between selfie (1.8 inches) and rear screen (2.7 inches). And yes, you can switch it with just one button.

Underwater Camera Performance —Although, this camera shares many of its features with its counterpart as mentioned earlier. It doesn't echo all of the same function; rather, it complements it in quality and features. This shows in its price value.

  • Good price for money
  • Excellent waterproof capability
  • Convenient to use
  • No SD card

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4. Bell+Howell WP7 16 MP

Bell+Howell WP7 16 MP

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Here comes a rugged yet stylish camera designed specifically to withstand the elements of nature. Coupled with that, it boasts of being the best travel companion for outdoor activities.


  • 8X digital zoom
  • Smile shutter
  • Face detection
  • High-definition video
  • 16 megapixel high-resolution
  • Image stabilization
  • 4-inch LCD screen


The Bell+Howell WP7 depicts originality as a travel companion. I mean, this impressive camera can take beautiful pictures throughout your adventures with the help of its 2.4-inch LCD screen. Not only that, alongside your large screen, this camera comes with an 8X digital zoom that enables the shooting and capturing of distant objects.

Also featured in its vast armory of incredible functions is the 16 MP resolution. What’s the use of a camera with good picture quality?

The Bell+Howell WP7 understands what users want and crave for. And they ensured that high-resolution pictures should be a feature in this camera. The picture quality isn’t over the top, but it is great for your adventure underwater and also above-water.

What we find stunning about the WP7 is the six scene modes; it shouldn’t go unnoticed. These 6 scene modes help you adjust to whatever conditions you want for optimal results. Suppose it is late at night, with the night mode, you can take excellent pictures suited for that circumstance.

Underwater Camera Performance — The WP7 is a camera that is cheap and also provides amazing functions that are perfect for every user. It can also make a great companion as an underwater camera.

  • 6 scene modes perfect for every situation
  • Face detection for appropriate exposure
  • Compact and portable design
  • Not so excellent picture quality

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5. Coleman Duo2 2V9WP-Y (Yellow)

Coleman Duo2 2V9WP-Y (Yellow)

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One of the cheapest underwater cameras in the market. However, this powerful beast gives other expensive cameras a run for their money with its golden features.


  • 20 megapixels resolution
  • Waterproof
  • 7-inch LCD screen (Back)
  • 8-inch LCD screen (Front)
  • Built-in flash
  • 4X digital zoom
  • 10 scene modes


The Coleman Duo 2V9WP-Y packs a feat as an underwater camera with its waterproof capabilities. With the capacity to reach 10FT of water, you could consider this underwater camera as an excellent product.

Also marked with its features is the amazing ability of 10 scene modes. Think of every scenario in life — night, underwater, portrait, scenery, party, etc — and you’d be amazed how the 2V9WP-Y can match every need you want from it.

A problem with most cameras, and underwater cameras, is that they have the issue of dust. Dust can make the lens go bad. You don’t want to have dust swirling around your camera. Well, gone are the days of worry. With an improved dustproof ability, you don’t have to worry about your camera going bad.

The ability to take selfies without turning your rear camera is imbued in the 2V9WP-Y. With a 1.8 front LCD screen, take your pictures with ease, preferably with your favorite underwater animal.

Underwater Camera Performance — This camera, as promised in the introduction, gives other expensive cameras a run for their money. It is perfect for outdoor activities; it is perfect for temperatures below 0 degrees C up to -10 degrees C; it is also perfect for, above all, underwater conditions.

  • 10 scene modes for every situation
  • It includes dustproof
  • Dual LCD screens
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Poor digital zoom ability

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6. AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K

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If you are looking for the best of the best action camera, AKASO never disappoints. And the AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K takes smooth and steady captures to a whole different level — the higher level.


  • Ultra 2-inch IPS screen
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization
  • Waterproof
  • 4K video resolution
  • 16MP image resolution
  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in Wi-Fi


A camera that can project smooth videos with extreme clarity should be classed as a top league camera. Yes, the EK 7000 Pro 4K does just so. It does it with the Electronic Image Stabilization, which ensures that the videos you record remain clear from any blurs.

In its features also is the impressive 4K video resolution that only a few cameras can boast of. You see, the big deal of 4K video resolution is, you can capture every moment with precision and clarity. Imagine you are underwater and you could record every activity underwater with crisp detail. Not only that, with the EIS (electronic image stabilization), prepare to have the best underwater digital camera under $100 in your possession.

You could ask why it takes a spot as the best underwater camera, but further evidence shows that this amazing camera can go down to about 131 feet underwater. All of this is because of an improved waterproof casing.

Underwater Camera Performance — An impressive camera with lots of incredible features ranging from a high definition video resolution to valuable mounting accessories, to a multi-function camera.

  • 4K video resolution
  • Amazing waterproof capability
  • Remote control included
  • Remote control is not waterproof
  • Micro SD card doesn’t include in it

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7. ProShot Touch

ProShot Touch

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ProShot Touch enhances your iPhone for more added capabilities in the ocean world. With just your mobile device, this phone case can improve the capabilities of your phone for more improved and optimum performance.


  • Waterproof
  • Multitouch HD display
  • Silicon rubber/TBU plastic
  • PhotoCase app


What if I can tell you that without a camera, you could still enjoy the beauty of ocean life with just your phone. You’d happy, not so? Yes, with a new technology that can be available to you, you go down and enjoy the life beyond.

It is the ProShotcase. And once it is firmly mounted on your iPhone, you can go down as deep as 50 FT to the ocean. Well, it poses a problem of how to use your phone underwater. It is common knowledge that touchscreen doesn’t work underwater. To combat this problem, Proshot developed an app that turns your volume buttons into camera controls. To do this, you just need to switch to underwater mode.

Underwater Camera Performance — The performance of this product is for those who love using their phones for outdoor and other activities. Also for those who'd rather take their phones rather than their digital cameras to explore the world. And judging from the functions, one could say it performs very well above expectation.

  • Waterproof capabilities
  • Simple and easy controls
  • Instant save and share from your phone
  • Focus and zoom controls are easy to mix up

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8. Coleman C9WP-O

Coleman C9WP-O

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The best waterproof camera under $100 might not be the top-notch expensive cameras available out there, like the ones in National Geographic. But the Coleman C9WP-O is double impressive with a wide range of features that outweighs its price value.


  • Automatic face detection
  • Waterproof/freezeproof/shockproof/dustproof
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • 20 Megapixel High-Resolution
  • Anti-shake Image Stabilization
  • MicroSDHC expandable to 32 GB
  • 10 scene modes


Imagine what life would be if you could dive into 33Ft of water without being overly concerned about a damaged camera. Imagine what life would be if you could go up to the mountain at freezing temperatures of up to -10 Degree Celcius without fear of the elements. Imagine if you never had to worry about dust clogging your camera lens. What would life be like then?

You don’t need to transcend those beautiful hopes to the future when you can live it in the present. You could have all those hopes now with the Coleman C9WP-O. Not only that, but you can also capture vivid 1080p full HD video and 20MP image resolution. With these features, no doubt that you can create everlasting memories in your archive.

Underwater Camera Performance — This camera makes life anywhere, including underwater, so easy to explore. Also coupled with all the features above, it boasts of 10 scene modes which hits its performance to an optimal degree for photography geeks and explorers.

  • It can withstand nature’s elements with its waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof, and shockproof
  • Compact and portable to use
  • Good image performance
  • Video not so good

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9. AKASO Brave 6 4K

AKASO Brave 6 4K

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The AKASO Brave 6 4K can be the best companion for many of your daring adventures, among which underwater exploration ranks top. It can show bravery in the most difficult situations.


  • 6X digital zoom
  • Remote control
  • Waterproof case
  • 4K/24fps and 20MP
  • Up to 30 meters/98 FT


Interaction with your devices can help create a better performance for you. For instance, you want to take a selfie. But your hands are busy. What do you do? With the voice control, you could issue a simple command. This makes Brave 6 a desirable camera for everyone.

And let’s not forget the 4K video resolution that everyone is dying to have. I’m sure it’s a feature that appeals to you likewise. With this feature, you can say welcome to better, clarifying moments in your video. You could also shoot time-lapse videos where you could turn a long video into a short, shareable one to friends and family.

The brave 6 features a waterproof case that makes your camera withstand the elements of water and dust beneath. Taking you underwater for up to 98 ft, you could easily call it the cheap best waterproof camera under $100.

Underwater Camera Performance — This camera keeps telling you the meaning of bravery. It shows you that you can be affordable and brave altogether. Courage is found in quality, not quantity.

  • Voice control
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to review videos
  • Micro SD card not included

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10. Waterproof Camera, Camking Full HD

Waterproof Camera, Camking Full HD

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If you desire the best waterproof camera under 100, then this is for you. Your perfect and best bet. Accordingly, its design reflects underwater purposes.


  • LED light
  • 33FT waterproof
  • 1080p and 720P/60fps video resolution
  • Dual display screen


This camera is perfect for people who love swimming and need something affordable to take pictures and explore the ocean world. It is light, compact, and easy to carry.

Featured in it is a dual display screen that makes it easy for you to switch to the front and rear screen with ease. You can also choose a self-timer in accord with your needs.

What if you are deep in the water where there is not enough sunlight? with the LED light, you can alleviate your worries by springing into action by capturing memorable images.

Underwater Camera Performance —Like I said, the performance of this camera bases its features on waterproof capabilities. Its 100 FT deep waterproof functions are enough to make you the king of underwater.

  • Excellent waterproof function
  • Good price for its value
  • Poor picture quality

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Things To Look For In The Best Underwater Camera

What if you’re new in the market with zero experience of underwater camera, with no idea of what to look for in choosing the best camera, and no understanding of how to pick the right camera without blowing your savings.

With the right knowledge, you could make the best decision on the right photography suited to meet your desires.

Hence, it is proper for you to look for things that will drive your budget to the right camera just for you.

Action Camera

Unlike normal cameras, action cameras feature a range of accessories attached to them, such as remote control and wrist wrap. And not only that, you could attach these accessories to helmets and handlebars, while taking them underwater for exploring.

Action cameras are also notable for having the capability to take photos or videos of quick movement activities, like skiing and skating. This only becomes possible with the help of its image stabilization, which helps in counteracting any quick movement with its lens. Many of the underwater cameras reviewed here have an action camera feature.

Underwater Housing

For a camera to hold the title of best underwater cameraunder $100, it needs to feature an underwater housing that makes it possible for shooting stunning images of the water world.

The underwater housing is the outer protective case that most underwater cameras use to reach more depth into water. The casing must be placed in to make the camera waterproof.

Most of the AKASO brands feature this casing, and they are effective in fulfilling the needs of an underwater swimmer. They increase the depth of a waterproof camera up to about 133ft, which is a lot for a cheap underwater camera in the grand scheme of things.

4K/HD Capability

4K video enables your underwater camera to shoot better videos with more clarity. They are also known as Ultra HD, and so, they have better video quality than the ordinary HD function.

They are often available for use in digital cinematography because of their high-quality video. Hence, if you are a fan of the best quality video a camera can offer, a 4K action camera would be the best option for you.

But if you are looking for great video quality with the option to shoot remarkable videos, the HD function is also a great feature.  It won’t give you the kind of resolution that 4K action cameras have, but it can give you something worth playing on your TV’s, smartphones, and monitors.

What Type Of Underwater Camera Is Best For You?

Different types of underwater camera can sound appealing to you. But most of them have their flaws and also their good sides.

In this article, we focused on action cameras because of their affordability and easy-to-use features. Yes, action cameras are important if you are looking for a camera that has that immersive feel. Yes, they make your photos and videos come to life. They also allow friends and family to see what you are seeing — that is,  sharing your pictures on your blog or creating a photo album for the world to see. They are also perfect for underwater activities.

And then, there are compact cameras with smaller sizes that are easier to carry when diving and surfing. These types of cameras can change wet lenses underwater because of their ability to range between wide-angle and macro. Getting these kinds of cameras also have its cons like the smaller sensors that cause much noise and the quality of the optics.

Mirror cameras are also gaining momentum in the market today because of the interchangeable lens that uses a mirror to reflect a scene to the viewfinder, and so the operator can see what is happening. These types of cameras no doubt are conscious of their frame sensor as they provide high resolution for the best detail. They provide better viewfinders, better IQ, and dynamic range. But the only small problem they have is their limited use underwater.

Weight Capacity Of Underwater Cameras

The best underwater cameras don’t hold much weight. They range from 1.76 ounces to 9.6 ounces, to 15.8 ounces. The variation in weight size helps the users to know what suits them better in terms of carrying their cameras.

Also, the newer trend that most manufacturers seem to follow is, they build more cameras with super amazing functions, and with a smaller size. Hence, they hold the title of  “compact design.”

An example is the AKASO EK7000. This incredible camera holds many powerful functions, like 4K capability, a built-in WiFi, waterproof ability, etc.

There are many more underwater cameras like the AKASO EK700 that boasts small size and weight. They mustn’t hold much weight because they mostly function under the water, and they needn’t be heavy.

What Is Image Stabilization (And How Does It Work?)

Image stabilization works in helping to ensure smooth images and videos, regardless of any vibrations or hand jitters you make when shooting. Without this amazing camera function, all your snaps and videos will have many defects and blur like a 70s video camera.

To put into context, imagine that you are running or engaging yourself in a fast movement activity. While you are doing this, you have a friend taking pictures and videos of you. And so, in the real sense, the slightest movement you make can blur your image. But with image stabilization, your camera can stabilize your image by counteracting your movements with its lens.

Optical Image Stabilization Vs Electronic Image Stabilization

Optical image stabilization (OIS) works on the principle of reducing the chances of taking blurry pictures. The process includes a camera lens, with an internal motor, that moves the glass elements inside it for a more focused shot. So the lens of an optical image stabilization camera uses an actual lens to counteract hand jitters, like the shaking of the operator’s hands. Hence, it makes taking pictures easy without a blurry effect.

Electronic image stabilization, on the other hand, works differently and also similarly to OIS. Optical image stabilization uses a mechanical process, while electronic image stabilization uses complex algorithms for improving picture or video quality. Yes, the arrival of EIS takes most of its use in videos, where a video needs to be edited because of the blurs. Electronic image stabilization generally uses real-time calculations of the movement and rotation of the camera to correct the faults of the video for smoothness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which housing should I buy?

Most of the housings available in the market are great. Some are built-in; others need to be purchased. You could also go to a camera store to check them out for testing.

Which brands should I use for underwater photography?

It depends on your budget and your needs. Most of the products covered here have features you may or may not like. So, it is vital to read them again and look for what you need in an underwater camera.

How many pixels should I aim for my underwater camera?

The number of pixels on your camera should not be a sole priority. Instead, the size of your sensor should be your aim. Why? Because with a wider sensor, you could take a much better image quality.

Should I buy a cheap underwater camera?

It depends. It is essential to ask what your priorities of shooting are. Are you walking into the professional lane of exploring fishes and other animals underwater? Or you just need something to share with your family and a few friends, or perhaps on your blog? If the former question is your answer, you’d need a more professional camera with professional functions. But if you picked the latter, then this review is perfect for you.

How do I get the best out of an underwater camera?

You can get the best out of your camera with new and exciting features. You could go for one with 4K video capabilities, LED light, dual display screen, digital zoom functions. All of these functions make you enjoy the best of both worlds — whether underwater or anywhere.


Having reviewed underwater cameras that are perfect for you at the right price, we are sure that the whole experience will be an enjoyable experience for you. So, remember to analyze your budget and your needs.

If you liked this review and you want more factual and helpful reviews like this, continue to check for more updates on this website.

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