Can I Delete Messenger Without Deleting Facebook?

You can deactivate Facebook Messenger only when you first sign out from Facebook. To end the chat, you have to first sign out. A Deactivate Message option may be found on the Legal & Policies screen. After that, type in your password and hit Enter.

Can I deactivate Messenger but keep Facebook?

When your Facebook Messenger account is deactivated, your contacts can still message you on Facebook Messenger. However, it will no longer display their status updates, photos, events, etc.

What will happen if I uninstall my Messenger?

Messenger does not delete your profile completely. It will still appear on your phone but you won’t be notified about your friends. If you reinstall the software, your previous relationship will be there again.

Does deleting Messenger account delete Facebook account?

Deleting your Facebook account does not really delete it. People can still view you and attempt to contact you. This is why we should deactivate Facebook Messenger so that people will not be able to make contact with you.

Can I deactivate Messenger only?

Messenger was deleted when you deactivated your account but the app will be restored when you signed back into Messenger again.

What does using Messenger without Facebook mean?

In other words, Messenger will be your messenger even if you don’t have a Facebook account. It also means that you will get all the features you want even if you don’t use Facebook anymore.

Are Messenger messages deleted permanently?

Unfortunately, users are not able to get back messages that have been deleted from the Messenger app. Simply open the Messenger app and search for some keywords in the search bar to see if your message has been archived.

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