Can I Delete My Google Voice Number And Get A New One?

You can’t do that. You’ll need to regain your original number. To verify your account this way, you’ll need to use a different phone than the one you initially verified it with. It will be hard to verify your account when you’re going to use a different phone.

What can someone do with your Google Voice number?

If you want to make your own calls and texts, you would need to create a Google Voice account. Once you have the account, you will need to input your phone number to create the account.

Are Google Voice numbers permanent?

It’s yours to use as long as you make outbound calls or send outbound text messages at least once every six months, according to Google. If you don’t use it in that time, your number is forfeited and claimed by another buyer.

Can I change my Google Voice number to a different Google account?

You can’t add your Google Voice number to another Google account if it’s already existing in a different account. You would need to set up a forward number to your current accounts.

Can I get a second Google Voice number?

Google will keep your old phone number, but the number will only be able to reach you, but not vice versa. You will not be able to send calls and texts to the old number.

Can I change my Google Voice number for free?

You can change your phone number if you like. You can change your phone number if you want to. If you choose to do that, you need to pay for it.

What happens if I delete my Google Voice number?

Make sure you’re not attached to your Google Voice number. You have 90 days in which you can restore it or acquire access to a new number.

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