Can I Delete My Uber Driver Account And Make A New One?

If you delete your Uber account, we will immediately deactivate it. Your account will remain inactive for up to 30 days before being permanently deleted. In addition, Uber may retain certain information after the deletion of an Uber account as required or permitted by law.

Can I delete my Uber account and make a new one?

If you deactivate your account, Uber may keep certain documents for as long as they are required for compliance with applicable laws or in order to complete any existing services for you.

What happens if I delete my Uber account?

If you delete your account, your data will be destroyed and won’t appear in any search or other feature. Uber will remove any unused credits, special offers, or rewards if they do not show up in your history.

How do I change my Uber driver account?

On your device, open your app. Tap “Account” then “Edit account” Select the item to modify and type in the current data. You will be prompted to provide a verification code or current password in order to finalize your change.

Can I make a new Uber account?

You need to provide a valid email, a phone number, and a password. It’s also good to fill in your first and last name, your preferred language, and your address.

Can I make multiple Uber accounts?

With the “Family Profiles” option, people can set up their account and share the same credit card information. It is used to share their order so that they do not have to share their credit cards.

How can I reset my Uber account?

To reset your password, you have to select the link in your email, enter your old password and click on the button.

How do I change my uber drop off address?

You can also edit this pickup location using the app. Open your app, tap Edit next to your pickup location. Change your pickup location. Type a new address or drag your pin to any location on the map within the gray circle. Confirm your location. Tap Confirm to complete your request and your driver will pick you up at the new location.

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