Can I Delete Tinder And Start Again?

Delete your profile on the site or Facebook if you don’t want to use it any longer. Log in to the Settings and delete your profile. If you decide to re-activate your profile, simply log in to your Facebook account.

Can you make another Tinder account after deleting it?

If you delete your account through the app, you can use the Facebook sign in feature to get your account back.

What happens if you delete your Tinder account?

Once you remove your Tinder account, you’ll be able to chat with new people, but you won’t be able to get back to the old conversations.

Can I delete and reinstall Tinder?

It is correct! Tinder does not erase any matches or other personal information stored within it. If you want to remove Tinder, go to Settings/Apps and uncheck it.

Can you use the same number twice on Tinder?

You can copy and paste the Tinder app on your device and create a new one. If you are using Parallel Space, it will make all the changes you make to an app – so you don’t have to do it manually.

How long until Tinder deletes your account?

As of now, they are keeping your data for at least 3 months. They give no information on when they will delete your data.

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