Can I Have Two Kdp Accounts?

To publish multiple books in KDP, you need multiple KDP accounts.

Can you have two Amazon author accounts?

Yes, you can associate different payment methods with different Amazon accounts. You may not have multiple Amazon accounts linked to the same payment method/source account.

Can you transfer a book from one KDP account to another?

Yes, you can transfer a book from one KDP account to another. You need to go to the KDP account where the book is currently published. Under the Actions tab, select Manage Books. Select the book you want to transfer and click the Transfer button. On the subsequent page where you enter the email address of KDP account, you click the submit button.

Can you have multiple authors on KDP?

The author field in KDP will let you add multiple authors when you create your books.

Can I change my KDP bank account?

Yes, you can change the KDP bank account where you keep your KDP account and you can set the payment method you want to use for the KDP subscription.

How many pen names can you use on KDP?

If you use more than six pen-names on your KDP account, then you will have to purchase more licenses.

How do I create a second author page on Amazon?

You should have an account if you want to create an author page on Amazon. To add your books you can go to you book information page and edit the book details to add the information which can then be shared with your colleagues, friends, and family. You can also claim your royalties directly from Amazon.

Can I change author name Amazon KDP?

You can change your author name and other author information on Amazon. Go to your author’s page and find the author information section.

Can I change my author name on Amazon?

You can change your author name on Amazon. However, you have to take some steps to do it. First, you’ll need an Author Central account. Second, you’ll need to provide proof that you are the rightful owner of the new author name. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that all of your books are associated with the new author name.

How does KDP choose author name?

The book search engine uses the author’s name to find the results.

Can you use a pseudonym on KDP?

Yes, you can share a pseudonym with your books; but you must give each book its own pseudonym.

Can I have two pen names?

Yes, you can have multiple pen names as an author, as long as you are writing for different genres from each pen name. However, it’s important to have a different website for each, to keep them separate.

Why is my book still in review on KDP?

There are several reasons why your book may still be in review. Your book may not be in the correct format, the cover may be unprofessional, or you may have plagiarized someone else’s work. You can also contact Amazon customer service for more information.

Can I edit my Kindle book after it is published?

Yes, you can remove images, update the book’s metadata, or make any other changes to your Kindle book after it is published.

Can you set a release date on KD

I will release KD as soon as it is ready. I do not want to damage my business. I need to make sure that everything is ready before I announce a release date for it.

Can I delete my author central account?

You can delete your author central account. Click on the icon of the author central account from the toolbar at the top of your website home page.

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