Can You Delete Your Houseparty Account?

The only way to cancel a HouseParty account is after contacting our team at with all your account information such as email, full name and reason for cancellation. Once we receive your message, we’ll review the account and delete it from our system. Then you will be emailed with verification that the cancellation has been completed.”.

Can you delete your houseparty account?

If you want to cancel your account, you need to contact us at the email address, along with all the information about your account, such as your name, email, and why you want to cancel your account. Then we’ll go through the process of cancelling your account and send you an email with a verification that the cancellation has been completed.

What happens when you delete your Houseparty account?

If your app is no longer working or is deleted, you can request a new one with an email address, username, and password.

How do I delete my Houseparty friend?

To block someone, go to the main navigation bar and tap on the button on the top right that says “Reports and Filters”. There you can choose “block” for the “report or block” option.

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