Can You Permanently Delete A Steam Account?

Log into your Steam account. Click on “Settings” from the top menu bar. Click on “Account Details” from the list that shows up and it should open a new window that displays all of your information about how you are logged into Steam and what devices can access it. Click on “Delete My Account” at the bottom of the window you’ve been given. If this is not visible, make sure everything is displayed by clicking on “Show More” at the very bottom right corner of any page within Steam (it’s usually just one tab). Click on Delete My Account and confirm your choice.

Can i permanently delete a Steam account?

I log into Steam. I select the “Account” tab on the top-right corner of my screen. Then I click on the “Settings” tab. I then click on the “Account Details” tab. I click on the “Account Details” tab. I go to the “Hardware” tab. I then click on the “Delete My Account” tab.

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