Can You Reschedule Great Wolf Lodge?

To stay with Great Wolf Lodge, call the lodge directly and speak with a reservation specialist. It is always possible to reschedule your stay.

Does Great Wolf Lodge give refunds?

It is true, greatwolf lodge give refunds. If you are not satisfied with your visit, they will refund your money.

How far in advance can I cancel Great Wolf Lodge?

If you cancel a reservation up to 24 hours in advance, you get a credit of half the room rate.

Can you add a person to your Great Wolf Lodge reservation?

You can add people to your reservations at Great Wolf Lodge. You will have to pay a fee before you make your trip.

Did Great Wolf Lodge change their name?

The company wanted to do a rebrand, and they introduced a new logo, slogan, and marketing campaign. The company is a place to have fun and that’s why they introduced a new slogan.

Does Great Wolf Lodge provide towels?

Great Wolf Lodge provides the most excellent towels.

 Is there a shuttle from Great Wolf Lodge to Disneyland?

There is no shuttle from the lodge to the park, but you can take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft, or you can take the bus or rail to Disneyland.

Who owns Great Wolf Lodge?

The hotel that is owned by Great Wolf Resorts is called Great Wolf Lodge.

What is the smallest Great Wolf Lodge?

There is a hotel in Mason, Ohio, which takes guests into its own Great Wolf Lodge. It has 308 rooms and suites.

Does Disney own Great Wolf Lodge?

Disney is not the owner of Great Wolf Lodge, but they are partners of the company.

Which is the biggest Great Wolf Lodge?

The largest Great Wolf Lodge is the one in Niagara Falls, Ontario, which is the largest water park resort in North America and it has a total of 605 rooms.

Is there a weight limit at Great Wolf Lodge?

There may be a weight limit at Great Wolf Lodge. But it’s not specified how big the guest’s room must be.

Can I bring my own food to Great Wolf Lodge?

You can bring snacks and drinks to the Great Wolf Lodge. However, they are not allowed in their restaurant or bar.

Can you use Build a Bear gift cards at Great Wolf Lodge?

If you want to buy a gift card for your kids, but you don’t know what to buy, you can use Build a Bear gift card. You can also use them at other brands of resorts, like Kalahari.

How far is Disney from Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel that is on the property of Disney.

How strict is Great Wolf Lodge on height requirements?

Great Wolf Lodge in Michigan has a height requirement of 36 inches for its slides. It is very strict about this requirement and will not allow anyone who is not the required height to ride the slide.

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