Can You Reset Your World Of Tanks Account?

You can reset your account by going to the support center, enter “reset” and press “Enter.” Account reset information will be displayed.

How do I delete my World of Tanks account?

Click the button “Delete my account”. You will receive an email confirming your request.

How do you make a New World of Tanks account?

The minimum length for entering a password is 6 characters. Latin characters, numbers and underscores are all acceptable choices.

Can you sell World of Tanks accounts?

Buying or selling game accounts is a crime in the European Union. Companies that try to do this will be fined and lose their license.

How do I sell my World of Tanks account?

Make an account or log in to your account on the site in order to create a World of Tanks offer. From there, you will be required to provide the account information (unless you’ve chosen the automatic delivery).

Is G2G safe?

G2G has very strict regulations and standards on merchants. You shouldn’t have any concerns about purchasing from our merchants. Until a transaction is completed, it will be protected by the GamerProtect system.

How do I redeem a World of Tanks code?

To play Wargaming on your Xbox or Xbox 360 you need to activate your Wargaming Code. Click your username and then activate the code. Type your code in the special box and click Activate.

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