Can You Retrieve Deleted Posts From Facebook?

To get back something that you deleted, go to More > Activity Logs. Then click on Trash from the top menu to see the posts that you deleted within the last 30 days. Find the one you want and then tap Restore to confirm.

How do I see posts from friends on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook profile and scroll down. You can go to your news feed, which is your home page. If you do not see anything, you may have been blocked.

What are Facebook posts?

Facebook posts are messages you can send to other people who are on Facebook.

Can you see old Facebook posts?

You can only see old Facebook posts, If you use an app called like ‘Forgone’.

How do I find posts from years ago on Facebook?

The Facebook search feature is not an easy way to find old posts. You can find old posts by going to the “liked by” feature. To do this go to a post you want to find and click on the person who liked it. You will be taken to that person’s profile page and then you can navigate through their posts from years ago.

Can new Facebook friends see old posts?

You can have a history of your old posts visible to your new friends.

How do I find an old post?

If you’re looking for content from Quora, then you can search for it by typing the URL of the post in the search bar.

How do you go to a certain year on someone’s Facebook 2021?

In the year you want to go to, you will be taken to the first day of that year.

How can I hide all of my posts from a certain friend?

To hide your posts from a certain friend, go to the “Friends” section on your profile and click on the “Edit Friends” button. Then click on the friend’s account. Then, under the “Manage Privacy” section choose the “Delete Account” option.

Who can see only me posts on Facebook?

Facebook prevents someone from seeing your posts on their Facebook News feed.

Can you make a Facebook post visible to only one person?

Facebook is an online social media website, so you can only post your content that is visible to the public.

How do I post on Facebook without friends seeing?

You can hide stuff from some of your friends by posting to a group or a page instead of posting to your personal profile.

How do you tell if someone blocked you from seeing their posts on Facebook?

You will see their profile page but you won’t be able to read their posts or updates.

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