Comparing Forex vs Cryptocurrency Trading: Insights from Traders Union

The Forex and Cryptocurrency markets are two different realms that somehow overlapped. There are lots of opportunities and risks in both trading worlds. All that’s needed is understanding  the right ‘window’ to enter and get out of the game! 

The Traders Union article claims the existence of many brokers who can help with multiple trading instruments, including both Forex and Cryptocurrency markets. Moreover, Cryptocurrency trading is possible in Forex too! 

It may sound difficult to understand but Forex is a trading platform where everyone can convert one currency to another, including Cryptocurrencies! On the other hand, Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that can be used as a traditional lender but is more secure.  Forex and Cryptocurrency trading have lots of differences in almost every aspect, including size, structure, accessibility to assets, and volatility of the market. Traders Union experts made a comparison of Forex and crypto trading based on various indicators and this information can be found on their website.

Key Notes – Forex Vs Cryptocurrency Trading 

According to Traders Union there are some key notes that important to consider, before beginning Forex or Cryptocurrency trading:

  • Cryptocurrency trading is simply trading digital currencies that are built on the decentralized blockchain system. 
  • Forex trading includes exchanging different currencies on the foreign exchange market. This is the largest financial market, where trading volume is over $6 trillion per day! 
  • The Crypto market has the potential for high returns, is decentralized, and costs lower transaction fees.
  • Forex comes with unparalleled liquidity as it is the largest financial market. 
  • As for Cryptocurrency trading, market volatility and regulatory uncertainty are the red flags that should be considered. 
  • Forex trading is not easy either, as it comes with complex market analysis and heightened risk. 

After an overall brief of the scenario, let’s dive deep and explore the factors where the Forex vs Cryptocurrency fight is intense. 

Key Differences Between Forex And Cryptocurrency Trading

1. Market participants

The number of market participants in Forex trading is larger and more diverse than the Cryptocurrency trading platform. From central and commercial banks to retail brokers and traders, every participant has a significant role to play in the Forex exchange. The role played by expert brokers like DEGIRO in the Forex market is crucial. 

On the other hand, crypto trading involves three types of participants, including exchanges, miners, and traders. Here, crypto exchange is the market where trading takes place. The miners are people or companies who use blockchain networks to mine crypto coins. Crypto traders are those who may not own any digital currencies but predict the rise and fall of the crypto market price. 

2. Size

The Forex trading market is the largest financial market in the world. This trading platform includes large entities like international companies, investors, banks, and investors and creates an ecosystem to exchange foreign currencies in real-time. 

The Cryptocurrency market is growing fast; however, it is not as big as the Forex trading market. In 2021, the cryptocurrency market was valued at $1.5 billion, and in 2028, the projected valuation is expected to reach $2.3 billion.

3. Structure

Both the cryptocurrency market and the Forex market are decentralized and depend on demand and supply. In simple words, both of these platforms work based on the trader’s negotiations, and brokers play an intuitive role in both markets. 

Considering that both of the markets are decentralized and not monitored by the government, the trading process is secured and not controlled by any single party. Transparency is the strength of these markets. 

4. Accessibility of assets

When it comes to the accessibility of the assets, the Forex trading platform is more liberal than the Cryptocurrency market. For instance, IG US offers more than 80 exchange currency pairs [globally], including major pairs like AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, and EUR/GBP.

On the other hand, Cryptocurrencies have less liquidity and require a secure wallet to trade currencies. These wallets also come with transition limits and other limitations. However, there are only a few foreign exchange currency pairs available in the global market, where the number of currently existing cryptocurrencies is 11,000.

5. Volatility

Now, both the Cryptocurrency market and Forex trading platform are highly volatile. However, the cryptocurrency market experiences more fluctuations than the Forex trading platform. Crypto prices are highly volatile and fluctuate multiple times in a single trading session. 

Forex currency pairs have high daily trading volumes and are more steady in trading sessions than cryptocurrencies. When the smallest changes in any market factor can have an impact on the Cryptocurrency value, the Forex trading platform is more sturdy and never lets small changes affect the platform. 

How to trade or invest in Forex and Cryptos?

To start with trading in the Forex and Crypto requires significant involvement of the brokers. Whether it is Forex trading or Cryptos,  The first assignment is to find a trustworthy and seasoned broker who can be relied  on. Connect with the best Forex brokers for beginners to explore a diverse range of trading options and unlock lucrative earning opportunities. 

Trust the expertise and dive deep into the Forex and Crypto investment. Most of the brokers are now online, which helps to create an account in a few minutes. Go through a background check before trusting any online broker, and go with the reputed brokers only. 

Forex Vs Crypto: which one is safer?

Although the Forex and the Cryptocurrency markets are similar in many terms, including that both platforms are decentralized, both markets are not regulated in the same way. 

Traders Union reported that the Forex market is over the counter (OTC) and includes several market participants from central banks and international investment funds. Hence, this platform is heavily regulated. For instance, in the US, the Forex market is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA). 

The crypto market, on the other hand, is not regulated in the US. Cryptocurrencies deal in the US as well as many other countries bypassing the government ‘middlemen’. To be incognito in the trading market, the crypto market is no doubt a better option. 


Forex and Cryptocurrency trading market and the traders deal with risks every day. Moreover, both of them require skills and deep market analysis knowledge to use the opportunity windows. Taking calculated risks, both of these trading markets can bring lucrative earning opportunities. 

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