Did Ebay Delete My Account?

If an account is inactive, the account is subject to a policy violation, or a violation is determined by a decision by eBay, the account is deleted.

Can you recover a deleted eBay account?

eBay allows users to re-add accounts that were deleted due to violation of eBay’s terms of use.

Why did my eBay account get deleted?

Many users have their accounts deleted for either violating eBay’s terms of service, or for being inactive for a long time.

Does eBay automatically delete accounts?

You can not create a new account with new credentials, because eBay always creates a new account with new credentials.

Does eBay delete inactive account?

When an account is inactive; you will receive a message that the account is inactive
Once we sent a warning message, you will be able to login to your account again.

But if the account is really inactive, they will delete it automatically after 14 days without a login.

Why can’t I access my eBay account?

In the past weeks, an increasing number of users reported problems accessing their eBay accounts. Some stated that they had to sign in, which failed, or that some of them couldn’t log in at all. Some claimed that they were unable to add new listings or send payments. eBay responded by saying that the issues were caused by technical glitches.

How do I reactivate my eBay account?

To reactivate your eBay account and connect it with your LinkedIn account, click on My Account from the top menu and click the “Reactivate My Account” link under the “My eBay” heading. You’ll need to provide your login information, your eBay login, and your LinkedIn profile email.

How long is eBay suspension?

Please note that the [Suspension] and [Suspension Notice] messages on the [eBay] page will not be displayed until the suspension has been in effect for 24 hours.

How do I find my eBay account?

You can find your eBay account by going to www.ebay.com. From there, select “My eBay” on the left side of the page. Under “My eBay Account,” you’ll see a list of all your active eBay accounts. Click on the account you want to find your past transactions for. On the Transactions tab, you’ll see a list of all the transactions made in that account.

Can you get banned from eBay?

It is very difficult to get banned on eBay, however they can ban you for breaking their rules or just to keep the site operating smoothly.

Why did eBay suspended my account indefinitely?

You must complete the process to resolve your account before it is reactivated.

What happens if your eBay account is suspended?

If your eBay account is suspended, you will not be able to login and access your account. You will not be able to make any purchases or receive any messages. If you cannot login or make a purchase, your money will not be taken.

Does PayPal delete inactive accounts?

If you delete the account, you can then re-create it and transfer the funds, but PayPal will always
delete any inactive accounts.

Can you open another eBay account after suspension?

After a buyer or seller is suspended, they cannot sell or buy on eBay. They can open a new account, but will have the same restrictions as the original account.

Can I have 2 accounts on eBay?

You can have multiple eBay accounts. However, each account will have its own auctions. The accounts are also separate from each other.

How do you contact eBay customer service?

You can find more information about how to contact eBay customer service by going to the eBay website and clicking on the “Contact Us” link on the main page.

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