Do Mega Accounts Expire?

We recommend that you log in at least one time a month and use the account. Otherwise, it can be canceled.

Is it true that Mega accounts never expire?

Unfortunately not! If you are trying to renew your Mega account and see the following message: “This subscription has expired”, it means that either: 1) You have logged into your account from a different location than before; 2) The payment was declined by your bank; 3) Or you mis-typed the expiration date. If the latter is true, all you have to do is re-enter it and try again.

What is the expiration date of Mega accounts?

You depend on the price you pay for your account. If you buy a core account forever (which costs $10), then yours will never expire. However, if you wanted your user id to expire after 30 days (which costs like $0.99), then it will expire soon. The rule of thumb is, if you paid for a core account and want it to never expire, then your account will NEVER expire. However, if you bought your user id with the intention of it expiring in 30 days or less (which is 99% of all cases), then I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do about that.

Does Mega delete inactive accounts?

Your account will temporarily be disabled for being inactive after three months if your account remains inactive and non-responsive.

How long does a Mega account last?

You will now use MEGA’s desktop software to get the free Google Drive offered by Google for verified Gmail users. This bonus, which is also valid for a year, will double your free storage to 10GB.

Do free Mega accounts expire?

If you take part in the MEGASync bonus, you will be given a 35GB extra storage during this period. It will be offered for 30 days, starting on the day you sign up. Another thing to note is that the MEGASync app and its mobile app bonuses will expire after 180 days.

Does Mega link expire?

Purchasing, but it is not usable after its expiry time. A download link is usable until it is deleted.

How do I open a expired Mega Link?

You can restore the deleted file by selecting the ‘Deleted / Expired’ option in the Links & Files Dashboard. Then, checkmark the file and click the Restore Selected button in the Top right corner to show it once again.

Is MEGA giving 50 GB free lifetime?

“Aes” means that the files on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and even the cloud are all encrypted in a way that is extremely difficult to crack in a reasonable amount of time.

Is a MEGA account free?

“Mega, on the other hand, is the cloud platform where data from users and groups is stored in a safe and secure way. Users can access the cloud service via a mobile application or web.”.

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