Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay Cash?

Even though Amazon only takes 20-45% of each deal on MTurk, there are hundreds of thousands of registered workers who come to do the jobs.

Does Amazon Mechanical Turk pay cash?

So Amazon is a place where people come and work on their laptops.

Does Mechanical Turk pay cash?

If you want to purchase something from Amazon, you can use the Amazon Visa Card and choose to have your earnings transferred into Amazon.

How do you get paid from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

After approving the task you will be able to check your reward. This amount will fluctuate with the market conditions and the dollar-rate conversions as well as hourly rates.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth the time?

If a task doesn’t take at least two minutes and pays less than $50, then it’s not worth the time. The better option is to start another task if a given one doesn’t pay at least $50.

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