Does Aol Deactivate Email Accounts?

Users are unable to log into their AOL Mail account more than six months after they were removed.

It is very important to note that the user will not lose access to the AOL website or the Windows Live Messenger service.

Does AOL deactivate email accounts?

If you haven’t logged into your aol email in the past six months, your account is automatically closed. This includes all OpenID accounts with AOL mail.

Why did AOL deactivated my account?

One of the reasons that may result in having your account deactivated is that you haven’t logged into your account in one year and it was used in a manner that goes against our Terms of Service.

Does AOL keep emails forever?

The most suitable way to retrieve emails is to scan your computer for it.
While having a AOL Mail app on the computer, you’ll be able to utilize the data that’s saved on your hard drive.

If we are talking about the AOL’s official Windows Live Hotmail app. This application has been discontinued as of April 2016.
Also, don’t forget to use a reliable data recovery software to help you retrieve emails from Microsoft Outlook.

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