Does Cpanel Full Backup Include Emails?

The actual emails in the user’s /home/username folder, which is named after the cPanel username and domain, should be kept in the user’s flat files, which are located in username’s folder.

Does cPanel full backup include database?

You need to have a complete backup, and you can access the cPanel interface using a complete backup file.

How do I download all emails from cPanel?

Go to your email account and look for the email address that’s being used. Click on “Email Accounts”. You will then see the email address you use to log in. Look for the email address you’d like to export emails to.

How do I archive emails in cPanel?

Click on the “Archive” button in the “Email” category. This saves incoming, outgoing, and mailing list messages for a certain length of time. You should make sure you have enough disk space available to save messages for the period you’ve chosen.

Where backup is stored in cPanel?

Create a new file or directory in the /var/cpanel/backups/extras directory. Enter an absolute path to any files you want to backup.

Where is database backup in cPanel?

Click on the phpMyAdmin icon from the Databases menu. In the left column, select your database name. In the right column, select Export to create the file that you need.

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