Does Live Me Pay You?

In just over seven months has processed $1 million for live broadcasters. They can earn money through advertisements or subscription fees. But they can also be given virtual gifts as a way to thank them for their good content.

How much do live me broadcasters make? might pay users for watching content for a fee. Users can withdraw a maximum of $600 each day. might charge users on a per-click basis. It might cost 69 cents to buy Coins.

How do you become a paid me on live Me?

This offer is from LiveMe Scout: Simply fill out the form below, develop a sample video URL for showcasing your talents, and send it to content at If there’s a good match, we’ll get in touch with you; and you’ll be eligible for fantastic perks! You may also keep up with us on Facebook by following our official account: LiveMe Scout.

How many diamonds do you need to cash out on live Me?

People can earn money by selling diamonds that they may have found on the Internet. The money would be transferred to a PayPal account.

Can you make money from Liveme?

When you get a gift from your viewers, the amount of diamonds you receive will equal the price you paid for the gift in diamonds. In other areas of the game, the amount of diamonds you receive may not equal the amount you spent.

What is the point of live Me?

Live.Me is a live streaming software for kids. Its purpose is to discover your true self and display your skills. You get to meet people, follow them and they follow you.

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