Does Netflix Delete Old Accounts?

Netflix will send emails to people who haven’t used the service in a couple of years. They will offer them the option to renew their membership at a discounted rate.

Does Netflix delete old accounts?

Netflix will automatically close the accounts of people who have not used the service in a year. They will receive a notification from them to ask if they want to continue their membership.

Does Netflix purge old accounts?

If you want to cancel your Netflix subscription, first you have to cancel your Netflix membership. They will keep your information for the next ten months in their databases. The first thing that you need to do is cancel your existing Netflix membership. After that, Netflix will retain your information for the next ten months. On the other side of the screen, it’s possible for you to cancel your Netflix subscription sooner. However, it’s better if you do it later.

What happens to inactive Netflix account?

If you are a member who hasn’t had a Netflix account in a while, you can do so now. Go to the Netflix site, sign in with your account details and select Reset Your Account from the drop-down menu.

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