Does Plenty Of Fish Delete Inactive Accounts?

Plenty of Fish does not delete inactive accounts. People that do not log in for a while or have a low match percentage can be removed from the results.

Does POF delete your account if you don’t use it?

It is possible that your profile may be deleted if you do not log in for a long period of time. This is because POF wants to make sure that all users are active and have the latest profile.

How do I know if my plenty of fish account was deleted?

You can’t see a profile for me, only a “Delete my account” button.

How long does it take for POF to delete account?

If you leave Pof, it will take time for them to erase your account. If you are leaving because of a violation of their terms of service, there is no way for them to erase you.

How do I get my old POF account back?

If you’ve forgotten your login information, the way to reset your online account is to click the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, please contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

How do I delete my POF account 2022?

To delete POF, first open the site, then click on the “Settings” button at the top and select “Delete Account” from the menu.

How do you deactivate a zoosk account?

To deactivate your account on Zoosk, follow these instructions: Log into your Zoosk account. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to deactivate your account.

Why has POF deleted my account?

There are possible reasons why your POF account was deleted, such as that you violated our terms of service. If you have any questions or concerns about why your account was deleted, the best thing to do is to contact customer service.

How long does a profile stay on Plenty of Fish?

The site’s profile may not be indexed in search results if it is not updated regularly.

Why did POF delete my messages?

There could be many reasons why your messages on POF are deleted. It’s possible that the site is experiencing an issue so they have to clear all messages in all chats. Or it’s possible that the site has a policy against storing messages on their server for more than a certain amount of time.

How do you know if someone has a Plenty of Fish account?

There are ways to find out if someone has a Plenty of Fish account. One way to do this is to find out if they have a POF username listed on their profile and if they have the POF badge on their social media profiles. There are also ways to see if someone is a POF member. You could ask them if they are a member.

Are POF profiles real?

You can also ask for the person to share their POF using a fake name or other information.

How can you tell if someone is active on POF?

There is not a perfect way of telling if someone on POF is active. However, some signs that they are active are that they have recently been online, viewed their profile activity, and that they have recently sent or received any messages.

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