Does Your Common App Account Expire?

Your applications will not roll over with your common app account. However, you can always apply again. Many of the questions, like school specific questions and recommendations, will not roll over with your account. This information may change.

How long does Common App keep your info?

The Common App keeps your information for as long as it deems necessary. However, it may change its needs or intentions.

Do Common App accounts delete?

Common App will not delete your information if you want to delete it but you can.

Can I reuse my Common App?

If you are a current or former U.S. high school student, you can reuse your Common App for the next school year. You may apply to up to 20 colleges and universities in the United States. You can do this by going to your Common App page and clicking on the Reuse tab.

Can you use the same common app essay for transferring?

I found the essay on the current school’s website along with the other materials. I have the same essay for my transfer.

Do colleges know if you copied essay?

College professors know about your essay plagiarism and if you copied your essay, it would be easy to know, but they would be unable to prove it.

Why is Common App closed July 28?

The Common Application will be closed on July 28th for maintenance. It is possible that the application will be down for a short while on the 28th, but it should only be for a few hours.

Is the Common App closing?

The Common App will be shutting down, so students will no longer be able to apply for colleges using the Common App. It will not be possible for students to use the Common App for college admissions. Students have to find an alternative way to apply for colleges.

Can I create another Common App account?

If you would like to create an additional Common App Account for yourself, you can do so here.

Can you Unsubmit a college application on Common App?

If you remove a college application from the Common App, you’ll need to contact the school that you previously applied to in order to have your application removed.

If a school does not receive your application within 30 days, they are removed from your Common App record.

How do you Unapply on the Common App?

If you’d like to unapply from a college or university, you can do so by going to the College Board Website and clicking on the “Unapply” button.

Is Common App Safe?

The Common App is safe because it does not store any personal information of the applicants. The Common App does not need a login and does not require the applicant to provide any personal information to submit an application.

Is it better to apply through common app or directly?

It is better to use the Common App to apply to schools you want to apply to. You will receive a notification when you have been accepted. You will also be able to view all of your applications on one page.

Can my high school see my common app?

Your high school can see if you have granted permission for them to see your Common App account.

Do I use my school email for Common App?

If you do use your school email to sign up for the Common App, it is best to create a separate account for each application.

Does your school counselor see your Common App?

Your school counselor will see your Common Application. It is a standardized application for college admission in the United States. It is a non-profit organization that has been around since 1975 and was founded by a group of colleges and universities. Over 600 colleges and universities across the country use it, as well as many international schools.

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