Fix Whatsapp Error: You Cannot Place Another Call?

WhatsApp has some errors you cannot avoid. One of them is the ” You cannot place another call ” error. This happens if you do not have internet or if your phone’s cellular data is not available. This error can be fixed if you restart your phone.

Why does my WhatsApp say I Cannot place a call?

If you do not have the person you are trying to call registered with WhatsApp, you may not be able to place a call.

How do you fix you Cannot place a WhatsApp call if you’re already on another call in iPhone?

You can turn off Phone > Calls on your phone to fix this.

Why is my WhatsApp saying I’m on another call?

If a phone call comes in, the phone will be winking, the vibrations will stop and the sound will end.

How can I fix WhatsApp call error?

If you’re getting errors when making WhatsApp calls, it could be that your phone isn’t connected to the internet or isn’t up-to-date. If that’s the case, try restarting your phone and WhatsApp.

Why does my phone say I’m on another line when I’m not?

If someone is on the phone and they suddenly hang up or power-off, they will still be connected and it will show that someone is on the line and it will show that you are on the other line.

When I call someone on WhatsApp it says on another call?

WhatsApp calls usually show up on the other screen when you try to answer a call. Sometimes, if you have a lot of WhatsApp conversations open in the same time, the phone will show the other call first.

How do I make WhatsApp call busy?

The contacts can be added via WhatsApp’s search function.

Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls?

Your phone may not have enough power to make calls, or your phone may not have enough signal strength to make calls. One way to try to fix this problem is to restart your phone or call from a different phone.

How do you make your phone say you are on another line?

There are many ways to turn off the auto-answer on a Nexus 5X. One way is to go to Settings > Phone > Voicemail and turn off “Automatically answer voicemail.” Another way is to go to Settings > Phone > Touch > Answer incoming calls.

Is on another line blocked?

You can quickly make calls to or receive incoming calls from a contact by long pressing on a contact’s name in your phonebook.

Why does it say on another line?

This is a way of conveying the same meaning with different words or phrases.

Can’t make calls or receive calls?

The reason you lack signal strength on both your landline and cellular phone is that you are indoors or in an area with poor reception. If you’re seeing this on both of your phones, you might need to invest in a cell phone booster so you can receive better service.

Why are all my outgoing calls failing?

There are several reasons that could be the case. One possibility is that you don’t have enough credit on your phone plan. Another possibility is that the network you’re using isn’t able to connect your call. Finally, it’s possible that the person you’re trying to call isn’t available at the moment.

Can WhatsApp say you are on another call when you are not?

WhatsApp does not say you are on another call when you are not, but it can make the assumption that you are.

How do you apologize for not answering calls?

There are a few ways to apologize. One of them is to say that you’re sorry and that you’ll try to get back to the caller as soon as possible. Another is to say that you’re unavailable at the moment, and that you’ll get back to the caller as soon as possible.

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