How Can I Delete My Eyes Only On Snapchat?

Open Snapchat. Swipe from the Camera app to access the Memories section. Select the Snaps and Stories you want to remove. Tap the button to move them out of your eyes only.

How do I delete Snapchat but keep memories?

If you don’t want to use SnapChat anymore, a new and a better version of the Snapchat App is available now. You can now take your SnapChat pictures and videos offline with this latest version of the app. This is the new Snap Chat App.

Where are Snapchat eyes stored?

To access a Snap, tap the back button, open Snapchat, and swipe to the right. The app’s icon is in the upper left, and the camera should be in the center of the screen.

Where do deleted snaps go?

The deleted Snapchat messages are kept in the ‘.nomedi’ files. They can be found by looking for each file with the ‘.nomedi’ extension.

Can you delete a Snapchat picture?

To delete a previously sent story, tap on it and select the ‘Delete post’ option. If you’ve sent a story as a normal snap to friends/groups, you won’t be able to unsend or remove it.

Will someone see what is in my camera roll if they log into my Snapchat?

Snapchat now has a hidden feature that allows a specific person see your Snap Story. Also, only your friends can see your Snapchat Camera Roll.

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