How Can I Delete My Fiesta Account?

In your email request, please include the reasons why you want to have your accounts deleted. We will not need to give reasons under GDPR and CCPA law.

How do I remove my card from tango?

you can unregister a credit card by registering it again. Once it is reregistered, it can no longer be used to fund an account. In some rare occurrences, Tango Card may decide to unregister credit card at its own discretion.

How can I reactivate my old tango account?

If you deleted your account but still have active account, they might still be able to access your account. In order to check whether you are still active, you can login into your account and try using an alternative email/phone too.

How do I recover my suspended Tango account?

If you have had a problem with one of our services you can contact us and we will look into your problem. You can contact us via email, phone, or chat.

How do you delete an Instagram account?

You can delete you Instagram account from a phone or computer by selecting an option and clicking “Delete” on the page before being logged into the web site.

Why am I blocked from tango?

They may not be able to link your account to the email address you just used.

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