How Can I Delete My Imessage Account?

Turn iMessage off. Go to the settings page and turn FaceTime off.

Does deleting iMessage show as read?

To complement this reply, if the recipient of the message has read receipts enabled, it will show ‘delivered’ and if the individual message is deleted the reply is changed to read.

How do I deregister my iPhone from my Apple ID?

You can remove your iPhone from your Apple ID. Simply tap on the Apple logo and choose Remove from Account, and you’ll be asked to confirm your choice.

What happens if I turn off iMessage?

When your iPhone’s iMessage slider is turned off, you won’t receive iMessages. As a result, when other iPhone users send you a message, it’s delivered as an iMessage to your Apple ID.

Can I deactivate my iCloud account?

Once you cancel your iCloud account, you can remove it. You can delete all of the data associated with your Apple ID, including your Apple ID, photos, iMessage conversations, purchases and more.

Is it better to use iMessage or text?

In terms of targeting, the iMessage has a significant advantage over Android. If your business has a big or small scale, it would be best to choose iMessage.

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