How Can I Delete My Microsoft Account From My Mobile?

To delete a Google account. Go to the Start menu, and select Settings > Accounts > Gmail. Under Accounts used by email, select the account you want to delete. Then select Delete account from this device.

How do I access my Microsoft account on my phone?

Tap the Repeat screen, then tap Account > Account Info. You will be shown the account settings of your email account. Tap the switch next to your email address, then tap your current password, or tap in the Password field.

What is Microsoft account in Mobile?

The app is called “Family Link” and can be found on the Microsoft Store.

How do I remove a Microsoft account from my phone?

To remove the account on your Android device, go to the Quick Access panel and tap the Windows icon. Select Your Phone Companion. Tap the link next to your email address. Click Remove account.

Is Gmail a Microsoft account?

There’s no difference between an email address and a password when it comes to a Microsoft account. In fact, you can use any email address as a username when you create a Microsoft account. An example is You may use this username whenever you want to log in to your “Microsoft account”.

How do I find out what my Microsoft account password is?

Type your password in the space provided and you will be shown a code that you can use to reset your account.

How do I access my Microsoft email account?

Under “Account”, you will see a screen asking if you’re a new user: Select “Not yet”. The next screen asks you to sign in to your Facebook account: Enter your email, then enter your password.

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