How Can I Delete My Old Navy Account?

If you want to cancel your subscription to our website, you can go to any of our emails and click unsubscribe. In the footer or on the website, you can also remove yourself from the list or change your preferences.

How do I access my old Navy account?

Go to, Banana, Old, or to log in. Then select “I forgot my password” on the account login page.

How can I get my old Navy account number?

The Old Navy credit card was offered by Synchrony Bank. If you would like to create an online account or call for more information: 866-450-5295.

What credit score is needed for a Old Navy card?

To apply for a credit card with Old Navy, there are two things you must have to be accepted. First, you must have a good or fair credit score. Second, you must provide a financial document. This means that if you are able to give your bank or credit card company this information, then you will be accepted for a store credit card with Old Navy.

How do I remove my credit card from Old Navy?

If you have concerns about your Old Navy Credit Card, you can contact their customer service department at 866-450-5294. The phone number for the customer service department at Old Navy is 888-222-6868.

How do I cancel an Old Navy order online?

If you decide to cancel or modify your order, please reach out to us. We’ll gladly do our best to help you out. Remember that our order fulfillment and shipping systems are built to efficiently get items from point A to point B.

Can I change my Old Navy order?

We are going to make your life easier by offering a 24/7 customer service. Please call us immediately if something goes wrong with your order. We’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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