How Do I Cancel My Century Link Account?

All CenturyLink phone numbers are changed. Call 800-201-4099 between 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday to cancel or remove services, or 9 am and 5 pm on Saturdays to terminate your account. To eliminate services or close your CenturyLink account, call 800-244-1111 between 8 am and 6 pm every weekday.

Can I cancel My CenturyLink account online?

You can connect to your CenturyLink service online and you can cancel your service from your My CenturyLink account. If you are eligible, you will see the My Account, Connection Status, and the Disconnect Service button on your My Home page when you log in.

Can you cancel CenturyLink without calling?

You are supposed to contact Centurylink customer service to cancel your services. You never need to contact customer service by email.

How do you cancel your internet?

Decide on a new strategy and make sure it’s ready to go when you decide to cancel. Decide how much you’ll pay in early termination fees. Cancel your service by phoning customer care, if applicable. Consider offering yourself a better bargain if you don’t want to cancel (if applicable). If you rented a router and modem from your provider, return them as you will need them to cancel.

Is CenturyLink a contract?

CenturyLink no contract plans can be canceled anytime and without early termination charge. Customers have to sign up for a high-speed internet subscription before using the service.

Does CenturyLink charge a cancellation fee?

The fee is $200 per month. A $200 charge might seem like a lot but it is relatively cheap compared to other fees that you might have to pay during an Internet service agreement.

Is CenturyLink price for life a contract?

It is a special offer for CenturyLink customers. It includes one internet speed and a price of $49 per month, with up to 100 Mbps. The users sign a contract, and they are not required to change the number of connections.

Do I have to cancel my Internet before switching?

You can switch ISPs as soon as you have moved into a different location. You need to let your old ISP know that you are going to be switching, so they can turn off your service.

Can you cancel WIFI contract?

You don’t have to pay any early termination fees if you cancel your contract before the end of its minimum term. But, if you terminate your fixed-term contract early, you will have to adhere to the cancellation terms outlined in the agreement. If you’re still within the minimum term of your contract, it may result in a hefty fee.

How do I stop AutoPay on CenturyLink?

We’ll need to enter your password to change the auto-pay account on your bill. It only takes a few minutes. You can also opt-out of auto-pay and use your bank account instead.

What is the final bill?

If you did not pay your phone bill, you will get a bill for the rest later. Closing statement records any outstanding charges that must be paid in order to cancel your service.

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