How Do I Cancel My Iheartradio Subscription On Itunes?

Tap Menu and select Subscriptions. Next, tap iHeartRadio. Tap Cancel to exit.

I’m having trouble canceling my iHeartRadio subscription – what should I do?

We have tried to put together a list of alternatives to iHeartRadio that will allow users to keep access to all their favorite stations and keep the content that they want to listen to as well as the ability to download their favourite stations to keep their content. To access this content, you will be able to use an app similar to iHeartRadio and you can even access it for free. We have compiled a list of the best alternatives to iHeartRadio and we hope this helps you find your perfect fit.

What are some alternatives for canceling iHeartRadio subscriptions without affecting other services or personal data stored with Apple, Google, etc.?

– On Android: click on your settings, go to subscriptions and cancel your subscription; – On Apple: go to settings and click in the apple account, then cancel your subscription; – On Google Play Store: find the iHeartRadio Unlimited in the menu at the top left of the page and click on cancel the subscription; – Itunes: go to subscriptions, go back to the menu and click on manage and scroll down to uncheck the box for iHeartRadio Unlimited or whatever application that you want to cancel.

How do I cancel my iHeartRadio subscription on Android?

You can cancel your subscription by using a few taps on an iPhone. On an Android, you can either go to Google Play or use the desktop iHeartRadio app, click the more tab and click the button to cancel your subscription.

Do I have to cancel my account on Itunes?

When you open the iHeartRadio Settings menu, tap your name near the top right corner of the screen. Tap Account Settings followed by Services and subscriptions followed by a list labelled Subscriptions. Find iHeartRadio and tap Cancel Subscription then Confirm cancellation then Terminate Service.

Can I still use the app if I cancel my subscription on Itunes?

You can still use the app if you cancel your subscription on itunes. All of your songs and purchases will stay in place and be available for download when you sign in again with the old account. You can go into Settings > iTunes & App Store to disable auto-renewal or set a new date for when the monthly charge should end after cancelling.

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