How Do I Cancel My Moonton Account In Ml?

Go to Profile in the upper left corner; Go to “Settings”; Go to “Contact Settings”; Change your Moonton account email address.

How do I cancel my Moonton account in ML?

1. Open the Account Settings.2. Open “Account Settings”.3. Go to “Change Moonton Account Mail Address”, which allows you to change your email address.4. You can check the verification mail which has already been sent to you at your current email address.5. Enter new ID/email for your Moonton account, which allows you to change your new email address to your current email.

How do I delete my mobile Legends account?

You can’t delete your Mobile Legends account right now. You can however disconnect your account from other social media accounts: Facebook – Google Play – VK.

Can I change my Moonton account?

Moonton account settings can be found here: Account settings – “Change moonton password” – “Change Moonton Password” – enter your new email address and submit. You’ll receive a password change notice (if you don’t see it, check your Trash/Spam folder).

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