How Do I Cancel My Sprint Loot Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on the app itself by clicking on “Subscription” and then “Cancel”.

How do I cancel my loot Games subscription?

Loot Crate sends members each month a loot box of goodies.To cancel your Loot Crate subscription, go to the Loot Crate website and enter your email address and password.On the next page, click on “Cancel My Subscription”.

How do you cancel loot games on playphone?

You can open the play store app. Then tap on the menu button at the top. Scroll down to my apps. Tap on loot games.

What is a loot subscription?

Loot subscriptions are boxes of goods that you get delivered to your house. You get to pick what you want, and what items you want in the box. They started coming out in 2010 and are a relatively new concept.

How do I return a Loot Crate?

To return your Loot Crate through the website, please submit your return request to Loot Crate’s Customer Service.

What is Sprint PlayPhone?

Sprint PlayPhone was a phone service offered by Sprint where you could make calls over the internet. The service offered unlimited voice, messaging, and data for $14.99 per month. It was previously known as T-Mobile Messaging and T-Mobile Internet.

What is PlayPhone PlayKids Sprint?

PlayPhone PlayKids Sprint offers children age five and up free access to games, videos and music. This mobile phone service also includes parental controls that allow the parent to monitor the child’s usage.

What is PlayKids PlayPhone?

The Playphone, or PlayPhone, is a child-proof phone for children. The device has a speaker and microphone, and can be used to make calls or play games.

How much is a loot box subscription?

In most games, every loot box opened comes with one or more random items. The chance of any item drop in a loot box is highly variable depending on the item type, rarity, and game setting.

What happened loot?

Loot, is the term we use to describe the items that you may find as a reward when you defeat monsters. The items that you may find might be weapons, armor, or money.

Can you cancel Loot Crate anytime?

Once you have been signed up for a Loot Crate subscription, you should receive an email explaining how to cancel your subscription easily.

Can I buy just one Loot Crate?

You can buy 1, 3, 6 or 12 month Loot Crate subscriptions and you can choose which crate you want too!

Why is my Loot Crate taking so long?

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service that offers subscribers mystery items. They’re been around for over 10 years and have had some issues with shipping times in the past, but they are continually working to improve their customer service. If you’re experiencing an issue – please reach out to them at

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