How Do I Cancel Second Life Premium?

If you want to cancel your Second Life account, go to the Cancel Account page. If you do not want to cancel your Second Life account, then simply leave the page and return to this page.

What happens when you delete your Second Life account?

deleting your inventory and land will put your inventory at risk. If you’d like us to restore it we could do that but the risks exist when acquiring said items.

How much does Second Life premium cost?

You can buy a monthly account for $11.99 or a quarterly/$19.95. You can also buy an annual account for $39.95. There are also annual and quarterly packages that are more expensive.

How do you release land in Second Life?

From the world menu, you can press the “About land” option. This will open up a window with information about the land. You can select “Abandon the Land” from the menu.

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