How Do I Change My Default Email On Android?

To set the default e-mail in your “Mail” app, tap on “More”. Tap on “Settings”. Tap on “Set default account” to select which e-mail you want to be the default. Select the e-mail you want to be the default e-mail in this case, “PSU Email”.

How do I change my primary Gmail account on Android?

You can open Google Settings by either opening the Google Settings app from within the device’s settings or by opening the Google Settings app. You can also open the Google Account app by tapping on it from the app drawer and selecting it.

How do I change my default email on my Samsung?

1. Go to your home screen.2. Go to settings.3. Go to accounts and make the contact your default mail app.4. Scroll down to the email section.5. Tap the app you want to use as the default for email.

How do I change which email is my default?

To change your default email, tap on the account you would like to make the default email. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Default Email” to change it.

How do I change the primary email on my Google account?

You need to go to your Google’s “Accounts” tab and then click Add Account and follow the prompts. After that you need to sign in and click on your primary email.

How do I reset my Gmail to default settings?

Gmail is a free web-based email service. It is used by people to send and receive email and is free. In order to reset your settings, you would need to go to your Gmail, then on the settings tab, you would need to choose “Reset Settings”. From there, you can choose any of the options on what you want to do with your account.

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