How Do I Change My Email Address On My Bt Account?

If you want to make your email address current, go to MyBT. Once you’ve logged into MyBT, click the Update your email address link at the top of the screen. When you’re done, save your changes by clicking Save changes. Alternatively, click My profile at the top of any page in MyBT (once you’re logged in) to change your information.

How do I delete an old BT email address?

Select your products and then move down to Email tile. Then click on the link Manage. Premium customers will need to choose the Premium Mail option and then the link Manage. Next, deselect the email addresses or confirm them with your keyboard’s delete key (Ctrl+ Delete or -).

How do I change my BT email to Gmail?

The tutorial shows you how to backup your Gmail contacts into your Gmail account using BT Mail. The tutorial explains you how to export contacts from your Gmail with this program.

Can I buy my BT email address?

To keep the same email address on BT after you cancel your BT broadband service, you will have to join up to BT Premium Mail. It’s a service that will cost you money each month.

How do I keep my BT email address?

A BT subscriber can keep the email address even if he or she cancels service. The email address is accessible for 60 days after the subscriber switches to a new Internet provider.

Should I delete an old email address?

Deleting unused email accounts is a simple way to protect your privacy and security. In fact, one of the simplest ways to safeguard your privacy and security is to find and delete all the old account you aren’t using, from social media platforms to picture-sharing websites.

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