How Do I Change My Marco Polo Number?

To change a Marco Polo number, you’ll need to open the app and go to Settings. From there, scroll down and select Change Number. Enter your new number and hit Save.

How can I change my number?

If you want to change your number, you have two options. You can either port your number to a new carrier, or you can get a new number from a new carrier. If you port your number, your old number will be cancelled and you will be given a new number. If you get a new number, your old number will be active, but you will not be able to use it for phone calls or texts.

How do I log into Marco Polo without a phone number?

It’s a problem that mobile phone users all have the mobile numbers that they can log into the service.

How do I access my old Marco Polo account?

You should use your email account and password that you used when you created Marco Polo. If you have forgotten your password, you can do so by following the instructions above.

Does Marco Polo show your phone number?

I told you that no one has my phone number.

What happens when you change your number?

When you change your number, your old number will be disconnected from your old phone. This will not affect the number that you are currently using or the new number that you have selected on your Mobile Phone.

Is changing your number free?

Yes, you can. You need to call or visit a website.

How do I log into Marco Polo with a new number?

To log into Marco Polo with a new number, open the app and tap the three blue lines in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings,” then “Profile.” Under “Number,” tap “Add New Number.” Type in your new number and tap “Verify.

How do I delete my Marco Polo account?

To delete your account, you need to login to your account and request to delete it. We are not able to do this for you.

Does Marco Polo work on tablets?

Marco Polo is a popular app that helps you find and book taxis and other transportation services.

Can you see if someone has watched your Marco Polo?

This is the list of all your video viewers. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see a list of all the people who have watched your videos. You will be able to see the total number of views and the total duration.

Can you Unsend a Marco Polo?

If you want to unsend a message, just reply to it and include the word “un”.

What happens when you delete a Marco Polo?

Deleted is the term used by Marco to describe the fact that your account will be deleted.

How long do Marco Polo videos last?

Marco Polo is the most popular web series in the U.S. and in the UK.

Is there another app like Marco Polo?

There are few apps that offers a similar experience to Marco Polo, but none of them are as familiar as the apps like the Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp.

How do I recover deleted Marco Polo?

If deleted messages were stored on your device, you can try restoring your device to a previous backup. If deleted messages were stored in your account, you can try restoring them from an archived conversation.

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