How Do I Clear My Ps4 Before Selling?

Sign into your PS4.Head to the settings menu.Deactivate your PS4.Sign back in with your user account.Find the Initialization option in settings.Choose Full on the Initialize screen.Turn your PS4 fully off.

How do I clear my ps4 before selling?

1. Go to your PS4 home screen.2. From there, go to settings.3. If you haven’t done so already, turn your PS4 off.4. Sign back in with your user account.5. Choose full on the initial screen.6. Turn your PS4 fully off.

How do I reset my PlayStation 4 to factory settings?

To update the system to its default settings, go to Settings > Update > Reset Default Settings.

How long does it take to factory reset PS4?

All of your data is wiped on your hard drive. You can take several hours to do it. It takes one click to confirm the action.

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