How Do I Contact Iheartradio?

For information on customer service, or for technical support, please contact iHeartRadio at 888-999-9997, or by email at

How do I cancel my iHeartRadio subscription?

To cancel your iHeartRadio subscription, you’ll need to go to the iHeartRadio website, log in, and go to the “My Subscriptions” page.

How do I make a request on iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio is a streaming music service you can use to listen to over 50 million songs. You can find the station you want to listen to by clicking on the search icon. Once there, you can type in the song you want to hear.

What is the number for most requested live?

Live requests came in and in that live, there was a live that went really well. That was the most requested live. It was the live that was called “Live at the Opera”.

How do I cancel iHeartRadio on my phone?

If you want to cancel iHeartRadio, open the app and tap the three lines in the top left corner. Then select “Settings” and “Account.” Scroll down to “Cancel Account” and tap it. Enter your password and tap “Cancel Account.

How do I delete iHeartRadio from my iPhone?

iphone/ipad users will have to do: Settings> General> Reset. Open the app. Next, press and hold on the ‘Remove all content and data’ button and wait for the app to remove itself. Then, to remove the app from your iPhone, go to your settings> general> Reset> Delete.

How do you get someone’s song on the radio?

The most common way to get a person’s song on the radio is by submitting a demo to the station. Some record labels will get a song on the air through the record label’s relationship with the station. Others will use a publicist to promote the song.

How do you win iHeartRadio 1000?

To win iHeartRadio 1000, you can do anything from entering contests, writing songs, doing interviews, attending radio shows, making videos, being a superfan, etc. However, the key to winning is to do something extraordinary and be creative.

How do I delete a song from iHeartRadio?

To delete a song from iHeartRadio you can open the app, go to the “My Music” tab then swipe left on the song you want to delete.

How do I stop iHeartRadio from running in the background?

iHeartRadio is an app that will allow you to listen to music from a list of songs and stations, but it does more than that.
You can listen to live radio from stations like ESPN, ABC News, and NPR.
You can also listen to music.
It’s also a radio station and a podcast app, and you can listen to your favorite podcasts, including podcasts made by other people.

What is the most requested song?

Another thing that gets requested at a wedding is the “Wedding Song” by Paul Stookey.

Where can I watch MostRequestedLive?

MostRequestedLive is a new show on MTV. You can watch it on the internet at

What is the #1 rock song of all time?

We agree with your decision. The answer to this question is “Stairway to Heaven”.

On the question “Which rock band do you like most”, if two people answered with the same band, then the more popular band would win.

What is the most played song on the radio?

Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey song is the most played song on the radio. The song came out in February 2018 and has been played on radio stations across the country since.

What song should I request at a wedding?

There are so many great songs to choose from when it comes to weddings, but it ultimately depends on the couple’s preferences and the vibe they’re going for. If you’re looking for something classic and romantic, consider ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri or ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston. More upbeat options could include ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake or ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles.

Why does iHeartRadio stop playing?

iHeartRadio stops playing when I minimize the app.

How can I stop audio?
If you stop the iHeartRadio app, you can stop the audio playback by hitting the stop button in the upper right. If the problem is persistent, you will need to uninstall and reinstall iHeartRadio to resolve the issue.

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