How Do I Deactivate My Facebook Account On My Iphone?

Launch the Facebook app on your iOS device and tap the hamburger icon (three lines) in the bottom right corner. Swipe down and tap Settings & Privacy. Tap on Account Ownership and Control, then Deactivation or Deletion. Follow the prompts to delete your account.

How do I deactivate my Facebook account on my mobile phone?

On your iOS device, open the Facebook application. Tap the three-line icon in the upper-right corner. Choose Settings & Privacy. Go to Account Ownership and Control. Deactivation of the account is an option that you can select.

How do I deactivate my Facebook account directly?

Click in the top right corner of Facebook. Select Settings & Privacy. Go to Your Facebook Information. Then, Deactivate and Delete Account. Click Continue to Deletion and delete your account.

How do I deactivate my Facebook account without deleting it?

If you don’t want to entirely eliminate your Facebook account, you can just deactivate it. It’s referred to as the “super-logout,” and it was used by early privacy-conscious users who left the site.

How do I deactivate my Facebook app on my iPhone

To completely remove Facebook from your phone, tap on the Settings, then tap on your name under the Apps heading, then tap on Facebook, and finally tap on Delete Facebook. You can also deactivate your Facebook account from here, and reactivate it.

How long does it take to deactivate Facebook?

You will lose all of your posts and all of your account is deleted once 30 days are up. It can take up to 90 days for everything that you have posted to be erased.

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