How Do I Delete A Budget On Mint?

To remove a budget from your monitored list. You can just mouse over your budget to be deleted and click the edit details button. Figure 8.14. Click the delete this budget link.

How do I delete a budget on Mint?

 To remove a budget from your Mint Monitor list, perform the following:Step 4: Click the Edit Details button. When the budget window appears (Figure 8.14), click the Delete This Budget link.

Figure 8.14: Delete a budget from your list.

Delete a budget is just like edit a budget. You can select a different budget or leave it blank to delete the last budget you created.

How do I delete data from Mint?

To delete just one account, select it in the list. Then press the Delete button. 5. The account will be deleted. 6. Press the Delete button again (or press the Back button) to return to the main list.

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