How Do I Delete A Mysql User?

You can use a comma to separate multiple users from the USER statement. For example: DROP USER, smithj, Anderson; This would drop two users.

How do I delete a MySQL user?

With the “DROP USER” statement, you can drop multiple users. For example, you can use “DROP USER” to drop multiple users. This is an example of how you can use the statement.

How do I delete an anonymous user in MySQL?

To improve security, I removed the anonymous account that allowed access to the server with the privileges of an administrative user.

How do I manage users in MySQL?

MySQL databases store user account information. For more information about account management statements in MySQL, read Section 13.7 “Account Management Statements”.

How do I change the current user in MySQL?

You can connect to the database by using the command mysql – u – p. The syntax is as follows: When I’m in the console head to its target database by using either mysqladmin or MySQL: connection. Then type something like use ‘.

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