How Do I Delete A Phone Number In My Contacts?

open the [Contacts] app. Tap to Delete. Tap More. Delete. Tap Delete again.

How do I delete a phone number from my contacts?

Deleting a particular contact in WhatsApp is as easy as touching a contact and delete them, there is no option to delete multiple contacts in one go. To delete multiple contacts, just select the contacts and drag them to the delete contacts list.

How do I delete old phone numbers from my Android?

Tap on the contact’s name. Then tap on the three dots in the top right. Tap on “Delete” to delete the contact.

How do I delete phone numbers from my Samsung Galaxy?

First, find the person you wish to permanently delete and tap on their phone number. You will get a menu where you can choose “Delete” or “Cancel.” Tap on the drop-down menu and choose “Delete.” Then, confirm by tapping “Delete” in the pop-up window.

Why can’t I delete a phone number from my Iphone?

If you want to delete a contact that is linked with one of your apps, you’ll have to go to “Settings” then the app that linked it.

How do I permanently delete a number from my iPhone?

To remove a contact from your iPhone, open the Contacts app. Find and open the contact you wish to delete. In the upper right corner, tap the three dots and select Edit. Scroll all the way down and hit Delete Contact. Tap Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to delete the contact.

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