How Do I Delete A Ring Neighborhood Video?

To delete a ring neighborhood video, swipe the recent events to the right, tap on the circle to select the event or events you wish to delete, press the red trash can icon to delete an event and the recorded video, tap Delete to confirm.

Can you delete a ring video?

The Ring app allows deleting ring videos from various events. You can delete one or multiple videos. After selecting which videos you want to remove, tap ‘Delete’.

Can a shared user see deleted Ring Videos?

You can create a Shared User on your Ring device to get the benefit of both a shared and a Ring user. The shared user will be able to see your live view and your Ring users will be able to view, and be automatically connected to, your live view. If you choose to have your Ring users share your live view, you’ll get alerts when anyone of them views the live view, so you can make sure they’re complying with your rules when viewing it.

Is the Ring neighborhood Anonymous?

Your Ring device is a secret. You can’t look at your videos. And the neighbor only knows if you’ve shared a film or not.

What can I do if my neighbor is recording me?

You should contact the local police station or city hall offices if you believe your rights have been violated and that your neighbour is recording you for no reason. You can hire a lawyer to send a letter of complaint to the company that produced the device or the government.

Where are Ring videos stored?

Your video footage is stored in the cloud for up to 30 days. You can download important videos from the app or to your PC or smartphone from here using the ring app or going here.

How do you uninstall a Ring?

To remove the Ring doorbell (2nd Generation), you must first remove its mounting bracket. Then, grip the bottom of the doorbell and pull up and out at a 45-degree angle.

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