How Do I Delete A User In Debian?

On Debian 10, using the deluser command, you must run that command with the -remove-home parameter to delete users home directory. $ sudo deluser -remove-home nLooking for files to backup/delete nRemoving user ‘user’ n.

How do I delete a user in Debian?

Debian 10 users can use the deluser command to remove a user’s home directory. Run the deluser command with the -remove-home parameter.

How do I remove a user from Debian 10?

You can use the deluser command, which is available on Debian 10, to delete users. $ sudo deluser -remove-home username Looking for files to back up/delete Removing user ‘username’ This is a warning: group ‘username’ has no more individuals.

How do add and remove users in Linux?

By default, the new user’s home directory is created if it’s not already created. We’ve added them to set the default behavior to create a home folder for the new user.

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