How Do I Delete A Wix Url?

Go to the Domains page on the Wix site. Click the Show More icon next to the relevant domain. Select Remove from Wix. Click Remove Domain to confirm.Click Close.

Can you hide the Wix URL?

If you don’t want your site to be visible for others, but want it to be accessible to people who are on a mobile device, go to the Mobile version of your site.

Are Wix sites public?

This is the place to find out who can view your content, like your visitors and your own staff. Click the button to access the section that’s most relevant to you.

Who can see my Wix website?

Your website is accessible but only to certain persons, and only with a specific URL. You can change that URL to an un-indexable address and only people with the right access rights will be able to see your website.

How do I change my website URL?

To get to the Settings page, go to your profile and click Account. Select a new username and password if you are prompted and click the Edit icon next to the Page URL column of your account’s profile page if it has already been published. Then click Update in the dialog box to confirm that a redirect will be built from the old URL to the new one.

Can you edit a Wix site after publishing?

You can update your site at any time, including after it has been published. You can make your own updates, publish them again, and all changes will be visible on your site.

Is Wix private?

To get the Wix domain for one year, you must renew it for an additional six months. If you pick the Private Registration option, the Wix domain will be inactive for a period of time.

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